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Have you got lots of unnecessary items in your house? Do you have to eliminate at least some of this trash to get your house back? We specialize in Apex, NC solutions for your junk headaches. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, landlord, real estate agent, or anything else, we can make it simple for you to eliminate all of your junk. For a free quote for your Apex junk removal needs in Wake County, give us a call at 919-466-9322 or see our contact page!

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Trash Hauling and Cleanup in Apex NC

Anytime you pick out a Junk Removal Apex company, you are selecting more than simply a trash pickup. Trash Cleanup and  removal is all about reputation and quality. To us at JunkDrs, the two go together. We’ve been working hard since our doors first opened in 2011 to be thought of as the TOP rubbish removal service in the area. Courteous, on time, thorough, and flexible are things that we pride ourselves on. Having a great reputation is paramount for a local business’s success and we always make sure that our reputation strengthens each time we come in contact with a customer.

When hiring Junk Doctors you will find a team that is clean cut, has been well trained, and works hard. You will see that Junk Doctors has put systems in place that ensure that we provide a consistent, quality service to our customers every time. Our people and those systems combined with the proper tools of the trade mean you will get a junk cleanout service that is efficient, professional, thorough, and satisfying.

Make sure to go with a honest business, if you’re planning on hiring a junk hauling company. At Junk Doctors, we work hard everyday to build up the best possible standing in our service area in the Triangle and Raleigh NC junk removals. We provide high quality service to our customers every time we go out. All labor is included. All you have to do is point to what is going and our team will take over from there.

Junk Doctors also makes an effort to recycle and donate as much as possible. Any large furniture items that our guys believe can be donated will be taken to a donation center. If you have smaller items that need to be donated then please package them yourself and label them “donate”. We can box items up for you at a normal general labor rate of $100 an hour. Boxes would need to be provided.

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How Does Apex Junk Removal Procedure Work?

We’re proud to provide the simplest rubbish removal process in the business.

  • Visit our Triangle junk removal pricing page to get an estimate of exactly how we charge. There is an on-the-fly pricing estimator on the page which will allow one to have a good idea of how much before we get there, your job will cost.
  • Give us a call at or schedule Online.
  • We schedule in two hour service windows. When our truck is on the way, we will give you courtesy phone call.
  • Receive an up-front, all-inclusive approximation of your job price.
  • We will arrive and offer you a final cost for your own work.
  • As long as you approve the approximation we’ll go ahead and manage your stuff right then and there.
  • Watch your rubbish vanish!

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What we Remove

A lot of the items that we will not take or will take come down to local regulations.  The kinds of things that we don’t take are things that you’d normally regard as hazardous materials – batteries, oil, old paint, paint thinners, antifreeze, solvents, propane tanks, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals. Learn more about what we take.

Residents of Apex should take their household hazardous waste to the Multi Material Recycling facility located at the South Wake Landfill, 6130 Old Smithfield Rd., Apex, NC.

Should you be getting Junk Removal or a Dumpster?

Many of our customers contact us after having chosen us over renting a dumpster. For jobs over 1/2 of a load dumpster rental is normally a little less expensive; however there is normally much more work involved on your part. When  you use a rubbish removal service you do not have to do any of the lifting. You can leave the items where they have been kept; be it in the basement, attic, back yard, storage shed, garage, throughout the home, etc. For that reason it is normally best to use a junk clean-outs service for general home or business clean outs. If you have furniture, electronics, general trash, boxes, cardboard, appliances, and similar items trash removal is normally the way to go.

One instance where dumpster rental might make sense is when  you are doing a home or business remodeling project that will take several days or a week. This will allow you to load the dumpster at your pace and as you are proceeding through the job. You simply have the company drop off the dumpster when you are about to begin the job and call them to pick it up when  you are through. This keeps things nice and orderly throughout the project.

A common occurrence when doing a home improvement job is that you have no place to put a dumpster. This is when a construction debris removal company such as Junk Drs makes sense. You can pile the items wherever you need to and our team will come retrieve them.

The other circumstance that dumpster rental might make sense is when you want extra time to sort through items; such as cleaning up an estate. Junk Doctors can assist you with this as well. You would hire us for general labor to help you sort through the items and then for junk cleanup and removal on anything that you have us remove. However if you want to save a little money, have a bit more privacy, need a bit more time, and don’t mind doing the labor yourself a dumpster might be the way to go.

If you are unsure which route to take feel free to give us a call. We will listen to what you have to say and  give you our honest opinion as to which route might be best for you. At this time Junk Doctors does not offer dumpster rental however it is a service that is being budgeted for in the future. We are happy to make recommendations until then.


What happens to all the stuff you are hauling?

Junk Doctors is one of several eco-friendly service companies which have emerged recently. In years previous in our business things would merely wind up in the dump. While we are moving your Apex junk to our trucks, our staff is already carrying out a fast review to determine where your items should go. Feel free to give us a call to remove your junk in Apex and surrounding cities.

All About Apex

Apex NC is a town in Wake County, North Carolina and a suburb of Raleigh. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the town’s population to be 43,907 as of July 1, 2014. The town is highly heralded with a “charming downtown, top-notch schools, as well as the kind of community spirit that attracts 15,000 people, or more than a third of the population, to the yearly PeakFest street fair. In August 2015, Apex was rated #1 in Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live, 2015.

Where is Apex?

Nearby towns consist of Cary to the north and northeast, Holly Springs to the south, and Raleigh to the east and northeast.

Based on the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 15.4 square miles, of which, 15.2 square miles of it is land and 0.15 square miles of it is water.

Apex Background

The town of Apex NC was incorporated in 1873, named for its location as the highest point on a portion of the Chatham Railroad which eventually extends between Richmond, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida. Apex grew gradually through the succeeding decades, despite several devastating fires, including a June 12, 1911 conflagration which ruined most of the downtown business district. The town center was reconstructed and stands even today, now one of the most intact railroad towns in the state. In the center of town stands the Apex Union Depot, originally a passenger station for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad and later on home to the locally supported Apex Community Library. The depot now houses the Apex Chamber of Commerce.

Apex suffered mild setbacks during the Depression-era, but growth began again in earnest in the 1950s. The town’s closeness to North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park spurred further residential development, however the town was able to maintain its small-town character. During the 1990s, the town’s population quadrupled to over 20,000, placing new requirements upon Apex’s infrastructure.

Apex Today

Apex continues to progress in recent times. A substantial shopping center was constructed at the intersection of Highway 55 and US 64, and many new neighborhoods have been developed as the town grows toward the west.

In October 2006, a chemical fire in an Apex waste processing facility forced much of the town to be momentarily evacuated. There were few significant injuries, and residents were soon allowed to go back home.

In August 2015, TIME magazine ranked Apex #1 on its list of the nation’s top places to live.

As of the census of 2010, there were 37,476 people, 13,225 households, and 9,959 families living in the town. The population density was 2,437.9 people per square mile. There were 13,922 housing units at an average density of 905.8 per square mile. The racial makeup of the town was 80% White, 8% African American, 7% Asian, 3% from other races, and 3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7% of the population.

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Apex NC is more than a suburb of Raleigh, is it an amazing town in its own right, well worth visiting and exploring. Take some time to travel to Apex and see for yourself.



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