Types of Junk A Removal Company Can Haul For You

When you need help removing junk from your home or office, it is actually best if you consult with and contact a professional junk hauling company. For junk removal in Charlotte NC, you will want to find out before contracting a specific company what they can and cannot do in terms of junk removal and hauling. Not all junk removal companies, after all, can manage to take care of all your junk and trash removal needs.

Some junk hauling companies in Charlotte NC specialize in removing only specific items from a customer’s location, and these include furniture, mattresses, electronics, and other dry stuff. Only a few can actually claim to handle every type of junk that you may have for them to remove. What kinds of junk can some a junk removal company cart off for you? Here are some of them:


There are a number of items that can be recycled from the pile of junk that you are thinking of having removed from your property. Included in this list are electronics and batteries, tires, furniture, and biodegradable materials like old newspapers, magazines, and the like. PET bottles and other plastics as well as glass bottles and aluminum cans can also be picked up and sent to the right recycling plants by such professionals.

Old damaged furniture

If you have furniture that is beyond repair, junk haulers can also help you get rid of these. Most furniture that is too bulky for you to carry on your own vehicle will require trucks that can haul them off to where these can be tossed. Professional junk haulers have the equipment, and the manpower for that matter, that can be used to do this job efficiently and quickly.

Carpets and mattresses

These are also rather bulky and difficult to haul to the junkyard if you don’t have the kind of vehicle that these can fit in and can manage such heavy items. Some junk haulers even have the people who can help you carry these out of your home and to remove these carpets from your floors for disposal.

Scrap metal

Companies that can also handle scrap metal will often inform you that you can make money from these metals you are disposing of. Scrap yards that buy metal according to their weight (and sometimes according to the kind of metal that you are throwing away) often buy the bars that are used to reinforce concrete slabs with and other types of metal that can be melted and reused. Your junk hauler may suggest that you split the proceeds of such a transaction with you or they can buy the scrap metal outright from you. This usually depends on what kind of metal you are throwing out.

Companies that do junk removal in Charlotte NC can also do other tasks for you in cleaning and hauling packages that are designed to help make cleaning your home or office easier for you. These can include attic cleanups and hauling, cement removal and hauling, hot tub removal and office equipment removal, to mention but a few.