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Company Founder Lee Godbold

Company Founder Lee Godbold

The Junk Doctors (formerly Triangle Removal, Inc.) was founded by Lee Godbold in June of 2011. Godbold is a fourth generation Cary native. His grandfather served on the Cary Town Council for 16 years and he is a longtime pilot, taught to fly by his father out of a little grass strip in Apex called Cox Field. In June of 2011 Godbold was a manager at Jellybeans Skating Rink in Cary (Awesome place for some good, clean family fun!). Gas prices had jumped up and his daily driver was a pickup truck. Lee was given a huge dilemma. Either sell the truck or put the thing to work!

He put out a few flyers for junk hauling and the calls started rolling in. After the first two weeks he was able to purchase a trailer to go behind the pickup truck. A few months later he bought an even larger trailer. Following that he brought on Christian Fowler as Vice President and then shortly after that bought the companies first dump truck, which is affectionately named “Big Bird 1” for the companies bright yellow colors. It is safe to say that those 70 hour weeks Godbold and Fowler have been putting into the company are beginning to pay off.

What once started out a simple “You Call, I’ll Haul” business has turned into a complex, full scale, professional operation. The company donates or recycles approximately 60 percent of all the items it takes in. Its team members come to your property dressed in uniform, with a smile, and ready to work. Because of our attention to detail and prompt services, business picked up in the Triad junk removal business.

The goal of the Junk Doctors is to provide a professional, slightly humorous, engaging, and gratifying experience for our customers while being a socially responsible company that recycles and donates a large portion of the items that we take in. We love meeting and interacting with our clients and see it not as a one time meeting but as an opportunity to build a relationship that will hopefully last for years to come. We’ve taken what can be a complicated and stressful process and turned it into an easy and fun experience. We hope that you give the Junk Doctors a chance to serve you and if we have already had the pleasure of serving you we thank you for your business!

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