About Junk Doctors

A Homegrown Junk Removal Company

Junk Doctors was founded in June of 2011 by fourth-generation Cary native Lee Godbold. Lee’s grandfather served on the Cary Town Council for 16 years, and Lee grew up with a strong sense of community pride and civic responsibility. A longtime pilot, Lee was taught by his father as they flew out of Cox Field in Apex.

Before starting Junk Doctors (then called Triangle Removal, Inc.), Lee was a manager at the Jellybeans skating rink in Cary. With gas prices on the rise, Lee faced a dilemma: sell his pickup truck or put it to work. He chose the latter and Junk Doctors was born!

Getting the Junk Rolling

Once he decided to start picking up junk, Lee put out some flyers and calls started rolling in. After the first two weeks, Lee was able to purchase a trailer to tow behind his truck. A few months later, Junk Doctors outgrew that trailer and Lee bought a larger one.

Soon after, Christian Fowler was brought on as Vice President and the two men purchased the first Junk Doctors truck, affectionately dubbed “Big Bird One” for its tall stature and bright yellow paint job.

Professional, Responsible Junk Removal

What once started out a simple “you call, we haul” business has grown into a full-scale professional operation. Junk Doctors donates and recycles approximately 60 percent of all items it picks up!

Junk Doctors team members arrive uniformed and in clearly marked trucks, provide courtesy phone calls, and offer the best customer service in the industry! That’s why Junk Doctors is now the largest local junk removal company in North Carolina.

A Slightly Humorous, Positive Experience

At Junk Doctors, our mission is to provide you with a professional, positive, engaging, and slightly humorous junk removal experience while being socially and environmentally responsible. Junk removal might seem stressful, but with Junk Doctors it doesn’t have to be!

We love meeting and interacting with our clients to build real, lasting relationships by turning a potentially complicated and stressful process into an easy, fun experience. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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