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Working for Junk Doctors is hard work. We would be lying if we told you otherwise. You come in early in the morning and work until late in the afternoon. Your job consists of loading “junk”, some of which is heavy. You work when it is 100 degrees or when it is 0 degrees. Ever worked in the rain? If you join us the answer will definitely be “yes”.

Why in the world does anyone work for you then? The majority of the team members we have and have had enjoyed their time with us. There are several reasons that Junk Doctors is a great team to be a member of.

Junk Doctor - Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedule

Junk Doctors is open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. Typical shifts are about 12 hours in length. That means most team members work between 2 to 3 shifts per week. Yes the hours are long but it leaves you with several days off to study if you are in school, work another job, or just enjoy life. Sign offs are almost always granted if given two weeks notice. We ask that you are available at least two week days and most Saturdays. This is a great job for college students! We are happy to work around your college schedule.

Great, consistent company culture

Junk Doctors is an equal opportunity employer. We hire individuals with varying beliefs and backgrounds. However, we do have certain personality traits that all team members are required to have. We look for individuals who are outgoing, clean cut, willing to work hard, and have a good sense of humor. This allows the teams to work well together, like each other, “wow” our customers, and help the business profit.

Competitive Pay

All team members start at $10 an hour. Raises are given based on performance.

Clearly defined responsibilities and job tasks

We have spent over three years developing systems and checklists for every facet of the job. You are trained out of our Operations Manual on how to do all of the required tasks. There are then checklists and procedures that should be followed throughout the day. Most team members enjoy the fact that they know exactly what their job is, that they were trained on how to do the job correctly, and know that they will be held accountable if they do not perform their job to the standards they are expected to. Most, not all, but most people enjoy structure. Junk Doctors is all about structure. If you do not enjoy structure and consistency throughout your day this might not be the job for you. However if you like that routine and consistency this could be a great fit for you.

Junk Doctor - Clearly defined responsibilities and job tasks

It is an education in small business growth, operations, and marketing

If you have ever been interested in starting a small business this is a great opportunity for you to learn. You will be joining a business that values customer service and satisfaction above all else. You will be joining a business that has bootstrapped its growth over the last three years into a successful business that had no additional capital. You will be learning how to market a service to consumers. You will also learn how a business sets standards and creates systems to ensure that those standards are met every time. These are lessons that can help you move up the ladder rather with Junk Doctors or a future employer.

Ability to stay physically active

This is definitely not an office job. You will stay busy throughout the day which is a fantastic workout.

Job Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Fluent in English
  • No visible tattoos or piercings (can cover them with clothing). No excessive piercings for women.

How to Apply

Send your resume to [email protected] Also include in the email several reasons why you think you will be a good fit. Once that has been received we will review your resume. If we decide to proceed we will email you to set up a time for an interview.

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