Mattress Removal Services in North Carolina

Junk Doctors provides prompt and affordable mattress removal services in North Carolina.

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Mattress Removal Services Made Simple

When your mattress is on its way out, it can be difficult to remove it on your own. Between hauling the mattress out of your home, locating a nearby dump site, and transporting it there, the project can be a lot, to say the least. However, at Junk Doctors, we simplify the process and ease your mind with our mattress removal services! All you’ll have to do is book our team, approve your quote, and await our old mattress removal.

Professional, Responsible Junk Removal

Why Us for Mattress Removal?

Junk Doctors offers a professional take on mattress removal services in North Carolina so that the job always gets done right. With our broad know-how and experience in the junk industry, we value the importance of safety, proper disposal, and above all, quality service.

When you work with us, you support eco-friendly practices in your community! That’s because our team prioritizes recycling and donating everything we can. We dodge dumping even the most worn-out mattresses by dropping them off at transfer stations. Then, the mattresses are ripped apart so the different materials can be recycled.

Our Process

  1. To schedule our mattress removal services, just give us a call or book us online.
  2. Shortly after you book your appointment, a team member will contact you to give you a service estimate.
  3. When it’s time for your appointment, our crew will be right on schedule! Upon arrival, they’ll give you a firm free quote.
  4. Satisfied with your mattress removal price? Go ahead and approve our quote so we can promptly haul your mattress away!

How Mattress Removal Works

Having an old, damaged, or infested mattress on your hands can feel like a nuisance. When residents want it out of the home, they oftentimes bring it outside and leave it at their curb. This might be a cheap shortcut, but it results in the mattress hindering the environment in a landfill, releasing hazardous contaminants into the land and water. To help reduce landfill waste, Junk Doctors provides eco-friendly mattress removal services. We partner with waste sites that accept mattresses across North Carolina so your mattress gets repurposed rather than impeding on the water and air quality in your city.

You may be wondering, how are mattresses recyclable? As the public continues to learn more of the dangers of dumping mattresses in landfills, more waste management sites that recycle mattresses pop up in US cities. At these transfer stations, organic and inorganic materials are separated using machinery. Some foam and fabrics eventually get turned into cushions and upholstery, while metal frames and springs get melted down into scrap metal. In the end, up to 80-100% of your old mattress gets reused!

About Us

At Junk Doctors, we’re the highest rated junk removal company in North Carolina! Our company is locally-owned, but serves locations all over North Carolina due to our high demand and expertise. We even broaden our service areas to neighborhoods in South Carolina! With our many years of experience in the business, we assure you will be in good hands. We specialize in countless customizable services and train our employees to handle every single one with care, consistency, and professionalism.

Did you know we provide same-day service? When customers need commercial or residential services on a tight deadline, we’re the one to call. We have three office locations, each of which caters to your schedule! Our open availability and hours allows for junk removal to get done more efficient than ever before. To get started, simply call your service area or contact us!

Mattress removal and hauling

Mattresses We Take

  • Foam mattresses
  • Box springs
  • Latex mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses


So quick, efficient, professional and affordable. Within 24 hours the items we needed hauled away were gone! Second time calling and great experiences both times!

Amy Holloway - review Amy Holloway

They came out and hauled off a ton of junk. They were excellent to work with and a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and prompt.

John Bradley Nosek - review John Bradley Nosek

The guys we great! They cleaned up everything, were fairly priced, and did it all without me having to be there. I will definitely use them again.

Tawni Lynn - review Tawni Lynn

these guys are polite and on time. they were finished with in two hours and they cleaned the floor,we were very satisfied with the service,and will recommend them to our family and friends.

James Manuel Outing - review James Manuel Outing
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