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Junk Doctors covers a large portion of Central North Carolina including the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area, the Greensboro/Winston-Salem Triad area, and the Charlotte/Queen City area, as well as the Sandhills area including the Southern Pines and Pinehurst areas. Click on an area to learn more about our services there.

Through time, things can start to pile up. Unwanted items may even take up an entire room, garage, or perhaps an entire house! And we all know a major clean-out can be a huge headache.

Not only is removing stuff that you no longer need from your property a tiresome job, but it can be quite a stressful one. It is definitely a difficult task to handle on your own. We understand! That’s why Junk Doctors is here to make things easier for you.

Appliance and furniture disposal is a big problem for many people. Most city-run trash services will often not pick up oversize items, meaning you need to find out how to dispose of your broken washing machine or old sofa on your own! Not exactly an exciting task, right?

You could try to dispose of all that trash by yourself, but that would require having the right kind of vehicle and inviting extra people to help you load and unload things. Organizing all your unnecessary items can put a huge strain on you, and in many cases delay the other important projects you’re planning to do in your home. Save yourself from all the hassle and contact Junk Doctors today!

With one phone call, your Triangle or Triad professional junk removal experts can finish the overwhelming task quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of needing to beg your buddies to help you with a major clean-out. Make your life easier with Junk Doctors!

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