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Charlotte Junk Doctors Specialize in Bulk Junk Removal

Have you ever hauled large items to the curb hoping the trash removal service would pick them up, but they didn’t? Or maybe you have serval large things that need to be taken to the dump or a local drop-off but you have no way to transport them. Look no further, Charlotte Junk Doctors provides an efficient service that is environmentally friendly and will save you time and all the hassle of dragging your items to the curb!


Who is Charlotte Junk Doctors?

Junk Doctors is a team of trained junk removal specialists. The Junk Doctors have locations all over the triangle, including Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our team has the manpower and equipment needed in order to haul away all of your bulk junk items with ease! There is no need for you to do any work, other than contacting us. We can take of everything else from there!

We’re special because we think you’re special! We value our customers above all else. Our team can’t wait to help make Charlotte junk-free.

Bulk Trash

What is Bulk Trash Removal?

Junk Doctors Charlotte specializes in many forms of junk removal from home clean-outs to light deconstruction. Our bulk junk removal list includes items like:

Appliance and Electronics Removal
Furniture Removal
Yard Waste
Hot Tub Removal
Mattress Removal
Construction Waste Removal
Garbage Removal and more!

Contact Junk Doctors

Contact Charlotte Junk Doctors

When you are ready to finally say goodbye to your bulk trash items, contact Junk Doctors Charlotte. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Junk Doctors will also be ready to remove your bulk junk within 24-hours from the time that you contact us, we are always ready to serve our customers and clear out the junk!

Contact us today to solve your bulk junk needs!

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