Junk Removal Cary NC

Have you just about reached your limit of junk in your house? Then Junk Drs is the service for you for Junk Removal Cary NC services. We are all about assisting you to get your life clutter free! If you are considering clearing out your home in Cary, NC, or perhaps you’ve got a rental property that needs to be cleaned out, or an office that needs to be cleared, or any other scenario, Junk Doctors can be on-site for you pronto. Our service is full service which means that no labor is needed from you. All you have to do is show our guys what is going and we take over from there.

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Junk Removal Cary NC


Anytime you pick a Cary junk removal company, you’re choosing more than simply a trash pickup. Trash hauling is all about quality and reputation. At Junk Doctors, to us, the two go hand in hand. Since our doors opened in 2011 to be the BEST rubbish removal service in the area we’ve been working hard. Courteous, on time, comprehensive, and flexible are matters that we pride ourselves on. It is our goal to grow our reputation every time we serve a customer.

A junk hauling service is truly a convenience business. Most people can perform the service themselves. However, they value their time more than the cost of the service. By choosing to go with a Junk Removal Cary, NC company you are looking for a service that can provide all the labor and is quick. Junk Doctors makes sure they provide both of those things.  You are just a phone call away from a junk-free Cary home with Junk Doctors!  Live in Durham County? Schedule a Durham junk cleanup with us!

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What to anticipate when you schedule with us

It’s not as complex as lots of other services, but we do need just a couple of things!

  • You’ll be able to guesstimate your price/load size on our Triangle Junk Removal Pricing page.
  • You then can give us a call or book online to schedule an appointment. We schedule in two-hour arrival windows.
  • We give you call when we are 30 minutes or so from arriving at your location.
  • Once we arrive we will provide you with a firm, no obligation price quote for your junk removal Cary job. If we get your approval we will get to work.
  • You will settle up with payment at the end of the job. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. If you are a business we also can invoice you Net 30.

Check out what happens when you bring in Junk Doctors to clean out your stuff!

Check out our junk removal Cary, NC prices

What Sort of Stuff Are You Going To Get Rid Of?

  • Furniture Taken away
  • Get rid of home appliances
  • Yard waste removing
  • Clear away Sinks / Baths
  • Remove tree stumps
  • Building cleanup
  • Shingle Removals
  • Computer system Recycling
  • Tire recycling
  • Remove Televisions
  • Property Clearing
  • Foreclosures Clean Out
  • Construction cleanup
  • Carpeting and rugs Removals
  • Move Out Cleanups
  • And More…

Junk Drs is restricted from taking certain items due to local rules.  The types of things that we don’t take are matters that you’d normally regard as hazardous – batteries, oil, old paint, paint thinners, antifreeze, solvents, propane tanks, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, etc. Learn more about what we take.

Wake County has established a pair of Household Hazardous Waste Facilities that residents of the county can drop off hazardous materials free of charge. The first location is at 6130 Old Smithfield Rd. in Apex. The second location is at 9037 Deponie Drive in Raleigh.

Which is better? Dumpster Rental or Junk Removal?

When it comes to clearing out your home or business you pretty much have two options for junk removers in Cary, NC. The two options are junk removals and dumpster rental. With junk hauling and removal all labor is included which means you do none of the heavy lifting yourself. With dumpster rental you do all of the heavy lifting. Which option is best for you?

If you are clearing out a home or business that has accumulated lots of junk then a rubbish removal company is likely the option you will want to take. The main advantages of a junk hauling company is the fact that the company will go anywhere throughout your home to remove your items and complete your job all at once. There is nothing needed on your part and the job will normally last no longer than a few hours. A junk remover company can also accept items that you are not allowed to put in your dumpster; such as electronics and televisions. Junk Drs will also donate and recycle many of your items once they leave your property. So normally a Junk Removal Cary NC service will be your best for rubbish removal.

Junk Removal Cary, NC
Junk Removal Cary, NC

Dumpster rental is normally a good option if you are doing a home remodeling project that is going to last several days or weeks. When you rent a dumpster the company will come drop the dumpster off at your location. You fill up the dumpster as you go and call the company to come pick it up when it is full or you are finished. The company will normally charge a flat rate which includes a certain amount of weight. If you exceed that rate there will normally be an additional charge. By using a dumpster for your home remodel project you are able to keep your leftover debris neath, orderly, and ready for pickup at your convenience.

One issue some people have with dumpster rental is the fact they have no where to put a dumpster. For that reason, Junk Doctors does many construction debris removal jobs. The homeowner or business owner will have the items placed in their back yard or wherever they have space. They can call Junk Drs. and our team will go retrieve the stuff and load it into our truck. If you face one of those circumstances then junk cleanup might be the best thing for you.

One circumstance that is always difficult to deal with for man reasons is when you lose a loved one. Junk Doctors does four or five estate clean outs every month. Cleaning out an estate is normally a very daunting task not only for the work involved but the emotional aspects as well. The estate needs to be sorted through so you can find items that you would like to auction, paper items that need to be shredded, and other items that you would like to keep for sentimental reasons. Junk Doctors is able to assist you with all of this. When you hire us for an estate clean out we can assist you with sorting through your items and then remove items you would like to get rid of. This is priced with a combination of our general labor rates as well as our Junk Removal Cary rates. Call for details on how to price these jobs.

Sometimes when cleaning out an estate in order to save money or so you have extra time it might make sense to go with a dumpster. A dumpster will allow you the time to sort through everything without having to pay an hourly rate for our team members. However, it makes the task that much more difficult with you having to do all the labor yourself.

No matter what type of project you have if you have any questions on the best way to go about it then feel free to give Junk Drs a hand. Even if you do not hire us we are more than willing to provide you with information to make your job easier.

What happens to all the stuff you’re hauling?

Junk Doctors is one of several eco-friendly service firms which have emerged recently. In our business, in years previous, things would just wind up in the dump. While we’re moving your Junk Removal Cary NC garbage to our trucks, our staff is determining which items need to go to recycle, which items need to go to a donation center, and which items need to go the landfill/transfer station. We give lots of items that are not prepared for the dump to local charities in order that others may get service from products which are still in great shape. Call us today to pick local services from the team which has all the tools to provide you the best service in Cary and nearby North Carolina cities.