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Just how much extra junk can you possibly pack in your home? Does it seem to you that  you are constantly trying to test your limit? You might need to call Junk Doctors today if you’re thinking your house/garage/attic/spare bedroom/etc is at its limit. We are here to assist you in purging your junk! If you are looking at cleaning up your home in Durham, NC, or perhaps you have a rental property that must be cleaned out, or an office, JunkDrs can be there quickly.

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Whenever you select a Durham Junk Removal company, you are choosing more than a trash pickup. Trash hauling is all about quality and reputation. At JunkDrs, to us, the two go together. Since our doors first opened we have always made it a priority to make sure that our reputation is strengthened each time we do a job for a customer. Courteous, on-time, thorough, and flexible are things that we pride ourselves on.

There is no doubt that junk hauling companies are in business because they are a convenience service. Most people would be able to do the service themselves. However they have decided that their time is not worth trying to do it themselves; not to mention the possibly of hurting themselves. From loading to driving and disposing of your unwanted items, you won’t need to lift a finger. Our team will go anywhere throughout your property to remove your items. You’re just a phone call away from a junk-free Durham house with JunkDrs!  Call us for other areas too – like removing junk in Chapel Hill.

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What to expect when you schedule with us

Curious how Durham junk removal in North Carolina works?

  • Give us a call or book an appointment online. We schedule in two hour arrival windows.
  • We will call you when we are about 30 minutes out to let you know we are on the way.
  • Once we arrive we will ask you to show us everything that is going. Once that has been done we will provide you with a firm price quote. If you give us the thumbs up we will remove your junk right then and there.
  • You can settle up at the end of the job. We will then head out to recycle, donate, or dispose of your items.

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What Do You Want Gone?

  • Furniture Taken off
  • Take away home appliances
  • Yard waste removing
  • Dispose of Sinks / Tubs
  • Clear away tree stumps
  • Building construction cleanup
  • Shingles Removed
  • Computer system Recycling
  • Car tire Removal
  • Large Screen Tv set Removal
  • Residence cleanout
  • Foreclosed properties Clean Out
  • House construction cleanup
  • Remove Floor covering
  • Move Out Cleanups
  • And more…

There are some items we are not allowed to take because of the law.  The types of things that we don’t take are concerns that you’d normally regard as hazardous – batteries, oil, old paint, paint thinners, antifreeze, propane tanks, solvents, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals and similar. Learn more about what we take.

Durham county has provided residents with a Household Hazardous Waste facility that is located at 2115 East Club Blvd., Durham, NC. Residents can dispose of items here free of charge.

Should you be calling for Junk Removal or to rent a Dumpster?

Unless you have a truck or want to rent one to do a clean up project yourself you are basically  left with two options: hiring a junk cleanup and removal service or having a dumpster delivered. Each choice has got its advantages.

If you have a general household or business clean up project then hiring a rubbish removal service is likely the route you would want to take. A good junk hauling service will bring a truck and a team to your location to do the work for you. You simply would show the team what needs to be removed and they would take over from there. In the case of Junk Doctors we will go all throughout your property to load your items at no additional cost. You are simply charged a rate dependent upon how much space your items take up in our truck. Having a Furniture, general trash, moving boxes, washers, dryers, televisions, electronics, and the like then a Durham, NC Junk Remover service is probably the way to go. This is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of junk.

Should you be doing a home renovation project you might lean towards dumpster rental. The nice thing about renting a dumpster when doing a home improvement project is the fact  you can have the dumpster delivered and simply fill the dumpster as you go. Often times these projects can take several weeks, especially if you are doing it yourself. When you are finished with the dumpster you would simply dial up the company and they would come pick the dumpster up. A lot of times that is your best option in that scenario.

Sometimes with construction debris removal it is still best to go with a trash removal services. This is normally the case when  you simply do not have room for a dumpster. When using a Durham Junk Removal company for your construction debris removal you are able to stack the items wherever you would like. You would then send the team in there to pick them up and haul them off for you.

The other time the renting a dumpster might make good sense is when you need some extra time to go through the items. For example if you are clearing out an estate. You often need to look through everything that is going to sort what should be sold, destroyed disposed of, kept for sentimental reasons, etc. You might also value privacy at this time. In those cases dumpster rental could make good sense.

Junk Doctors can also help you sort through those items though. It would be done by using both our Labor services as well as a our rubbish removal services. This will allow you the opportunity to look through the items without having to do the labor yourself. This allows you to sort through the stuff but save some time in the process.

Junk Doctors is here to  help rather you decide to use our service, do the job yourself, or rent a dumpster. If case you have any questions about Rubbish Removal in North Carolina then feel free to give us a call. We are more than willing to help.

What happens to all the stuff you are hauling?

Junk Doctors does our best to recycle and donate as much as possible. This serves a few purposed for us. The most important is the fact that it is the right thing to do. It is great for the environment and great for the local community. The other reason is the fact it actually saves us money. We pay disposal fees for all items that are dropped off at a landfill. The more items we can recycle and donate the less we pay in disposal fees. If you have large furniture our team believes can be donated we will take it there on your behalf. If you have items that are smaller you would like to have donated you will need to box those up beforehand and label them “donate”.

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