Tips to Help You Get Rid of Clutter in Your House

You may be a hoarder just like many other people. Being attached to items that held value at some point in life makes them hard to get rid of. Toys, appliances, clothes and even junk cars end up taking a lot of space around your home when you do not really need them. If you are having a hard time getting rid of the clutter, here are a few things you could to help:

Uproot and relocate

Ok, you do not really have to move out of your house to get rid of the clutter. But say you had to move from your house, what would you take with you? All those things that you feel you will not really carry if you were to move are the clutter you should get rid of. You do not really need to pack up anything, just think about it. You will find that you only use about 20% of the stuff in your house; the rest of the items may be used periodically while there is probably stuff that has not been touched for years. Put aside all the stuff you do not think you would carry if you moved.

Work from room to room

Get a pen and paper, start walking through every room. Write down all the activities that happen in that room. After that, start sorting through shelves, drawers, closets and remove anything from that room that is not related to any of the activities on the list. Purposing the space can help you clear a lot of clutter within your living space that is taking up room but not useful for anything. Keep the whole house in mind while doing this because some items could actually be useful in another room. Return stray items where they are supposed to be and toss anything else.

Give to a worthy cause

Can you picture someone else benefiting from the things you have in your house that you do not need or use? Keeps this in mind when working through your house removing clutter. If someone else will need it more than you do, then you can probably do without it in your house. You can pick an organization in Greensboro area to donate to. Junk removal companies like us here at Junk  Doctors also work with various charities, we can sort the items and send them off to charities where they are most needed.

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