Junk Removal Services

We Get Your Unwanted Items Out of the Way!

Full service junk removal means that  you don’t have to lift a finger. Our well trained team members can enter your home and office to load all the items in our truck for you. No job is too small or too big, as long as a few strong guys can safely lift your items. We work fast so you can get back to your life.

What does it Cost?

Visit our pricing estimator for prices. Our rates are simply based upon how much space your items take up in our truck. All labor is included.

JunkDrs does junk removal in both the Triad and Triangle areas. With the ever-growing and moving population, we get a lot of calls to help individuals dispose of “stuff.” You may be getting ready to go and wish to lighten up the load before you go. Or you may have just accumulated a lot of “material” and recognize it’s time to eliminate some of it. We do lots of work with real estate management businesses after renters have moved and they just need the unwanted property cleaned out. Contact us today!

Junk Removal in the Triangle Area

It occurs to everyone. A year goes by and you place some “junk” in that spare bedroom. Well a year goes by and that room gets a little tight. On up to the attic. Or perhaps to the storage shed outside. Perhaps even, God forbid, you find yourself placing some of it in a paid storage facility. One day you look at it, and you also realize that most of it you truly don’t need. Seem familiar? You’re not alone. We have cleaned out many houses with stuff that someone believed they should hold onto for one motive or another. And it just builds and builds. We understand and are here with the prescription for cleaning up the house – Junk Removal in Triangle area!

Get Junk Removed in the Triad Area

You actually aren’t alone. People appear to naturally gather stuff and more things. They usually do not discover it until there’s no room left for more stuff. And when you hit that point, it is time to call Junk Doctors. We will clean out rooms, whole apartments and even houses. Are you really going and you’ve just got a good deal of stuff and do not need to go the yard sale route? Junk Doctors will likely be pleased to help get that stuff out of your way in addition to give a great deal of it to good causes. We believe in societal diligent service and not only donate much of that which we take in, but then use eco-friendly methods to deal with the rest. Get in touch with Junk Removal in the Triad!

The way that it Works

We’re proud to offer the easiest junk removal process in the business.

  • See Pricing to get a notion of how we charge. There is an interactive pricing estimator in the page which will allow you to get recommended of how much your occupation will cost before we even get there.
  • Contact us or Book Online. We schedule in two hour coming windows and certainly will provide you with a call when we’re in route to your premises.
  • Receive an up front all inclusive estimate of your job cost. Our team will arrive and give you an all inclusive cost for your work.
  • Observe as your stuff disappears! As long as you approve the approximation we’ll go ahead and look after your stuff right then and there.
  • Say Goodbye!

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