Want to try and tackle junk removal on your own? Here’s how.

Junk removal is not cheap. There lots of expenses involved for us to provide junk removal to our customers. We have a truck payment, repair expenses, fuel, payroll, insurance costs, workers comp costs, advertising, disposal fees, and more. And of course we also have to mark up our services in order to make a living. For that reason if you are going to hire a junk removal company it is going to certainly not be something you would consider to be “cheap”.

So you’ve decided you want to tackle your junk removal project on your on. There are a few things you might need to start.

  1. A truck: You can either use yours, borrow a friends, or rent one. UHAUL trucks are relatively cheap for intercity moves. Something like a $20 rental fee and $1 or so per mile are common depending on your truck size.
  2. Ratchet straps: This is really needed  when you are using a pickup truck. Chances are you are going to chance it and stack above the walls of the bed. You need several ratchet straps to secure the load.
  3. Shoulder Dolly lifting harness: If you are lifting any heavy furniture or appliances these things are almost a must. They are much easier on your hands and force you to lift properly. You can order them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shoulder-Dolly-2-Person-Lifting-Moving/dp/B00022749Q/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1524085473&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=shoulder+dolly&psc=1
  4. Basic tools: If you are disassembling any furniture you will need basic screw drivers, sockets, allen wrenches, etc.
  5. A helper: Your son, wife, friend, whoever will be needed if you have anything of any size.

Now that you have some basic tools you will need to get the truck loaded. A few tips from the pros.

  1. Clear the area where you will be walking and protect walls and floors. Take the extra time to wrap heavy items with moving blankets, take pictures off of walls, and possibly lay plastic down on floors. You don’t want to try and save a few hundred dollars on junk removal only to have to pay that same amount or more to repair stuff you broke.
  2. Take your time and communicate with each other: When moving items don’t be a bull in  a china shop. You want to get the project done as soon as possible however you don’t want to hurt yourself or damage property in the process. It’s always a good practice for the guy who is walking forwards to inform the guy walking backwards of possible obstructions or hazards. And when going down stairs it is good practice to count down the last few stairs for the bottom guy and let him know once he’s reached the bottom floor. Just make sure you are accurate. Nothing is worse than thinking you are on the base floor only to have one more step, or think you have one more step and you are already on the base floor.
  3. Know what landfills accept and what they don’t. Also know what you have: If you have construction debris only certain sites will accept construction debris. Landfills will not accept appliances, TVs, tires, refrigerators, microwaves, white goods, and other recyclables. This stuff should be taken to a recycling center.
  4. Load the stuff that you are going to recycle or donate last, or if a pickup truck take it on separate loads. If you load the stuff to be donated first you can stop at a donation center on your way to the dump.

Where can the stuff be taken?

  1. The Raleigh area has what they call “Citizens Convenience Centers”. If you are in Wake County search for “Wake County Citizens Convenience Centers” on Google. In Durham the main Durham Transfer Station is off of Club Blvd. Chapel Hill residents also have some convenience centers they can use as well. Residents can use those facilities for free.
  2. Greensboro residents can take their household trash to the Burnt Poplar Rd. Transfer station. Construction debris should go to the White Street landfill. TVs and electronics can be taken to EcoFlow on Patterson Street in Greensboro.
  3. Charlotte residents can use the Foxhole Recycling Center. There are some other landfills in the area but that one is the best for residents.

One thing to keep in mind is a junk removal job of any size can easily take the better part of a Saturday. What will take you four or five hours to do we can do in one hour. We have the equipment, the backs, and the expertise to efficiently get rid of your stuff. And once the stuff leaves your house you are through. At that point you can go play a round of golf, get to work, lounge on the couch, whatever you want to do. You have lowered the risk of you damaging yourself or your property. I’ve always believed our service is an extreme convenience for our customers. We get thanked daily for being in business and take a lot of pride out of making peoples lives so much easier. There is no telling how many backs we have kept from getting thrown out. If we can be of service in the Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and surrounding markets please call us at 919-466-9322. Thank you!

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