Uninviting Junk From Your Life

Have you become overwhelmed with junk and clutter in your home? Everyone lives such busy lives, full ofJunk Doctors Greensboro appointments, work, soccer practice, dance recitals, work meetings, homework, more work, the list is endless, and there is just no time to pick up around the house. After all, they do say a happy home is a messy home. But does it have to be?  

Following this helpful list created by the team at Junk Doctors Greensboro, you can begin to see a home that is free of junk, and an, in turn, a life that is a little less chaotic.


The first items on your un-invite checklist are to prepare for the job ahead. Check off these items first to ensure you are properly prepared:  

  • Decide on a timeframe that you would like to complete your project and try your best to stick to it.
  • Schedule a pickup with Junk Doctors Greensboro. Junk Doctors Greensboro can help save you a lot of time by disposing of all of your unwanted items. They also donate items that are in good condition to charity, saving you multiple trips.  
  • Create a step-by-step plan for each room to remove the junk and find inspiration that will guide your process.

Remove the Junk

Junk Doctors GreensboroNext, you need to begin to remove the junk from each room of your home. Begin working through your plan as well as your inspirational guides. Start with the bigger pieces and work your way to the smaller clutter. In each room:

  • Remove large/heavy furniture that has seen better days.
  • Clean off countertops
  • Discard anything that is broken, stained or needs repair.
  • Clear away the clutter, junk and other things that have made their way into rooms where they don’t belong.
  • Create storage areas.

Sort It Out

As you are going through your home clearing out the junk and clearing off countertops, you will begin to accumulate a lot of stuff. It’s important that you organize your items and get rid of the junk as you go. You can work efficiently to assess what junk can go by following these steps:

  • Have you used the item in the past year?
  • Is it ripped, stained or does it need to be repaired?
  • Does it still serve a purpose, do you have multiples?  

As you work through your items and your rooms assessing your things and asking these questions you can either place your things in the donate pile or the junk pile. Junk Doctors Greensboro is happy to remove your junk and your items for donation. Junk Doctors Greensboro cares about the environment and will make every effort possible to donate your items in good condition to charity and resale stores, keeping as much waste out of dumps as possible.


Setting up the perfect living space is the most enjoyable part of the junk removal process. Following theJunk Doctors Greensboro steps below will ensure you have an organized clutter-free space.

  • Return items you are keeping to your cleaned designed living space.
  • Create storage space in high-traffic areas to avoid clutter and junk build up.
  • Follow your inspiration for finishing off your perfect space.
  • Don’t allow the old junk to come back

Haul Out

The final step in uninviting junk from your life and perhaps the most rewarding is watching it is hauled away by Junk Doctors Greensboro. So, there is only one step to follow in this final process:

  • call Junk Doctors Greensboro.  

Call Junk Doctors Greensboro today so we can help you get started with your junk removal needs.

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