Professional Junk Removal vs DIY At The Trash Dump

What You Don’t Know About Trash Dumps

You’re probably not very familiar with the ins-and-outs of your local trash dump (and we don’t blame you); however, as experts in the junk removal industry, Junk Doctors has the knowledge and expertise you can rely on for reputable information. This blog will walk you through the pros and cons of different methods of junk removal so you can make an informed decision when the time comes. Going to the landfill yourself or hiring a professional junk removal service are two ways to meet your junk hauling needs. We know that while a DIY junk removal job may not seem complicated at first glance, it can take a lot more time and energy than you expect. We break down the process of each option below:

When You Go to a Trash Dump Yourself…

Unnecessary stress and travel time results from DIY junk removal. While a more affordable option, it’s still not free. Paying for trash dump fees as well as the resources you use to travel to a landfill are some of the costs associated. Also, it will take multiple trips to travel to donation centers or to recycle your goods. There are several problems you can encounter whenever you undertake a DIY junk removal task. In summary, here are some of the disadvantages of hauling your own junk, instead of choosing a professional service.


  • You have to organize your items by category (recyclables, hazardous items, etc.)
  • Understand and abide by local and federal requirements for item disposal
  • Locate and drive to (and from) your nearby landfill
  • Pay for disposal fees out-of-pocket
  • Potential for damaged property or personal injury

There are several types of landfills, meaning that only specific items are accepted at each location. It’s important to know what kind of items you plan to drop off at the landfill to make sure they fall within the right category. Research on local landfills can also help identify trash dump fees specific to your nearby facility. Hiring a professional service has the benefit of hauling and disposing of your junk for you, so you don’t have to. We discuss this and other advantages below:

When You Use Junk Doctors…

A professional, full-service junk removal business, like Junk Doctors, allows you to skip a trip to the landfill altogether. It’s the quickest and easiest method to get rid of any unwanted items! While it costs more than self-disposal, you can trust that Junk Doctor’s fair pricing pays for itself. Avoid unexpected injury or damages by hiring our trained, well-equipped team! Here are the benefits associated with a professional junk removal service.


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly practices, like recycling and donating items
  • Remove, clean, and haul your items away to their respective locations (landfills, donation centers, etc.)
  • Prevents personal injury and damage to property
  • Reliability, professionalism, and timeliness
  • Affordable pricing
  • Allows you to spend your time more freely

Even if you don’t subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle, the video below provides a perspective on the benefits of donation. Some items, like bulky furniture, can be difficult to remove yourself. Junk Doctors can help you do so, and ensure that your items are helping to benefit others in the community. While you want to make sure your junk hauling method is eco-friendly, choosing DIY junk hauling means that you’ll have to take more trips to dispose of your unwanted items while being “green”.

When your ready to have your junk hauled, call Junk Doctors! We’ll help you remove your unwanted quickly and easily; all you have to do is point and we’ll get rid of everything for you. To book your appointment, use our online booking tool or call 919-886-5865 today!

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