The 4 Items You Can Get Rid Of Right Now!

The 4 Things You Have in Your House That You Should Toss

If you’re like most people, you likely have too much clutter laying around the house.  If you find yourself wanting to cut back on some of your household junk, we have a list of 4 items you’re sure to already have in your house!  These home organization tips are a great way to start freeing up space in your house, little by little.  While these tips from Junk Doctors aren’t going to transform your house into an organized, clean space overnight, they’re sure to get you bagging up some old items you can do without.  You’ll be relieved to get some of this junk gone and be four steps closer to a clutter-free home!


Clothes are a great first step when you’re trying to free up extra space in your home.  It’s almost a guarantee that you no longer wear all of the clothes in your home. Clothes become out of style, worn out, and stained easily.  Not only that, but we probably have plenty of clothes that don’t even fit us at all. Sort all of your clothes by emptying one drawer or closet rack at a time.  Have a bin or garbage bag ready for the items you won’t want to keep. As you sort, consider whether you really need the article of clothing. If it doesn’t fit, chunk it!  Too worn to wear?  Chunk it. If you don’t really like it, chunk it, even if it was a gift from your mother. There’s no sense holding onto clothes that you aren’t going to wear!  


So many things in your home are paper, but don’t need to be.  All of those family albums can be scanned and kept on a computer.  All of your newspaper and magazine subscriptions can also be digital.  You might also find yourself holding on to paper items you won’t need, like old mail or receipts.  It’s time to part with it all! Going paperless is also better for the environment. You can switch to E-books, E-magazines, digital scrapbooks of family albums, and more.  You can even get most of your mail via email. Recycle all of the paper laying around your house and be amazed at how much space this switch will free up in your home!  Here are some tips for scanning old photos, to get you started. 

Outdated electronics  

We’re all guilty of holding on to these, even though we’ll never use them anymore.  We still haven’t parted with the “cord drawer” that’s stuffed with all the cords and chargers we used to use for the countless electronics we haven’t touched in years.  Technology changes so quickly that many items become too outdated to use. If you’re still holding on to items that are no longer compatible with today’s technology, say goodbye!

Expired Food 

You don’t want to think about it, but it’s always there.  Every house is guilty of having a box or two of crackers from 2011 stored somewhere in the depths of the pantry.  It’s unfortunate that food gets wasted, but it’s likely that you can free up some room in your kitchen by sorting all of your cupboards and the pantry, looking for items that are no longer safe to eat.  

Once you get these items sorted and out of your house, you’ll feel more motivated to get the rest of the job done!  Remember that if you end up getting rid of too much for you to haul off on your own, your friends at Junk Doctors can give you a hand with your home organization!

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