Snakes love all that junk in your yard!

What kind of Junk is in your yard?

Got a lot of Junk in your yard? Did you know there are 37 different types of snakes that call North Carolina home? A few of them are poisonous. One of the most common is the Copperhead. The Copperhead will generally not kill you when it bites but you will need to seek immediate medical attention, and the bite is very painful.  That’s why you need Junk Removal Services.

Copperheads Love The Junk In Your Yard

Copperheads love hanging out in the junk in your backyard. They especially love wood piles. Our guys are junk in the yard.

Junk in the yard

constantly battling Copperheads this time of year. Just today, Luke, one of our team members, had to kill three of them out of one woodpile. Wood piles attract all kinds of creatures and should be kept off your property if possible. If you are going to have a wood pile make sure to be very careful when handling the wood.

Other common things people do in the Spring that attract those nasty snakes is yard work. They pile sticks and other yard debris in the backyard for it to get picked up. Don’t wait long to have it removed! Otherwise, some slimy friends will call your new pile their new home!

Lastly, always keep your grass cut. Long grass attracts snakes like crazy. If you keep your grass cut you will be much better off.

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-Lee Godbold

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