Junk Removal Winston-Salem NC

Junk Doctors has been serving North Carolina junk removal for over three years now. We know that it is a perfectly normal thing to acquire new stuff and discard the old stuff into a spare bedroom, garage, attic, or basement. After a while the years of putting stuff in storage has all of a sudden taken up a lot of space. That’s why Junk Doctors is in business. Most people are just like that. If you want to clear our your Winston Salem, NC home or business all you have to do is give us a call or book online.

Do you need Commercial Winston-Salem Junk Removal Services?

Hauling Junk in Winston-Salem NC


When you select a Winston-Salem Junk Removal company, you’re choosing more than merely a trash pickup. Rubbish hauling is all about quality and reputation. To us at Junk Doctors, the two go together. Reputation is one thing that you can never max out. You should always be striving to improve your reputation. That  has been our mantra since the day we opened; always improve our reputation with our customers and in the community.

When deciding on how to get rid of the stuff you have accumulated you might go through  your different options. One would be to do it all yourself, one would be to rent a dumpster, the other would be to hire a full service trash cleaning company to come in and get rid of everything for you. We realize that if a customer chooses to go with us it is because their time is worth more than our service cost. That doesn’t even factor in the possible medical cost if you hurt your back or repair cost if you damage your property. Junk removal Winston Salem is truly about convenience. For that reason we have done our best to make the junk cleanout process simple, fast, and efficient. We provide a team of two well trained, professional, outgoing, and uniformed team members to load your items. All pricing is based on how much space your items take up in our truck. You will receive a firm no obligation price before we begin your job. Have stuff that needs removing over in High Point? Call us for any type of High Point trash removal!

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What to anticipate when you schedule with us

It is not quite as complex as lots of other services, but we do need just a couple of things!

  • You can schedule an appointment by calling us or booking online. Remember to view our pricing estimator to get an idea of how we charge.
  • When our team is en route they will give you a call with an estimated time of arrival.
  • Upon arrival our team will quote you a firm price. If we get the go ahead we will start your job right then.
  • You may settle up at the end of your job by either check, credit card, or cash.

Check out what happens when you call the Junk Doctors to clean out your stuff!

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What Kind of Material Are You Going To Take?

  • Furniture Cleared away
  • Clear away appliances
  • Yard waste hauling
  • Clear away Basins / Baths
  • Clear away tree stumps
  • Building clean-up
  • Shingle Removal
  • Old Auto Removals
  • Computer system Recycling
  • Tire Removal
  • Remove Tv sets
  • Residence Clean Outs
  • Foreclosed properties Clean Out
  • Construction cleanup
  • Carpeting and rugs Removals
  • Move Out Clean Ups
  • And more…

There are certain items we cannot put on our truck due to local regulations.  The types of things that we do not take are matters that you would generally regard as hazardous – batteries, oil, old paint, paint thinners, antifreeze, solvents, propane tanks, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, etc. Learn more about what we take.

Residents of Forsyth county may take their Household Hazardous Waste to the Enviro Station located at 1401 S Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Winston Salem, NC.

Do you need Junk Removal or a Dumpster Rental?

When looking to get rid of junk items in Winston Salem, NC you have a few options. Obviously you could do the entire job yourself. When doing this you would supply the truck, the labor, the gas, and the time to take the items to all the places they need to go. That is a good way to take up the better part of a weekend. Another option would be to rent a dumpster. With this option you still have to do all the work however it cuts out the drive time. Your last option for those that choose to work smarter instead of harder is to hire a full service Winston Salem, NC trash removal company to come and do the work for them.

A junk clean out removal service generally makes the most sense if you are removing general household and business junk. For example if you have items such as clothing, bags, boxes, furniture, refrigerators, washers, dryers, couches, desks, beds, etc. then rubbish removal is probably the route you want to take. With this choice all you have to do is show the team what items need to be removed and they will take over from there. An added bonus that is important to many people is the fact a clutter removal service will sort through your items in order to recycle and donate. This does not occur with a dumpster. Normally with a dumpster what goes in is dumped straight into the landfill. Most dumpster companies do not allow electronics to go in there dumpster.

Dumpsters do have their advantages for some projects though. If you are doing a home remodeling construction project then you might choose to lease a dumpster. The company will drop the bin off in your driveway or on the road. You would simply load the bin as you go. When you are done with the project or the container is full you would simply call the company to have them come pick up the dumpster.

Sometimes it is not possible to get a dumpster. This is common in areas where HOA’s do not allow a bin or if you simply do not have the space to put one. When this is the case all you need to do is find a convenient place to chuck your items and give Junk Doctors a call. We can come in and remove your Winston Salem construction debris in a hurry.

Another circumstance that you might consider a dumpster over hiring a junk remover in Winston-Salem, NC is when you need some extra time to sort through your stuff. A good example would be if you are responsible to clean out a family member’s estate. Many times you want to take the extra time to look through the items for sentimental reasons; not to mention there are some items that need to be destroyed for confidentiality reasons. If you don’t mind doing the work yourself a dumpster could be a good choice for you. Still yet if you want to save some time and effort but still want to carefully go through the items you can hire Junk Doctors to come in. We will provided general labor at an hourly rate to help retrieve you items. While we are retrieving the items you can be sorting and directing our guys as to what goes and what stays. If you don’t mind spending the extra money for the huge time savings this could be the way you want to go.

It does not matter if you decided to do the job all yourself, rent a dumpster, or hire us; we are here to help. We have been providing North Carolina with rubbish removal for over three years  now. In that time we have gained lots of knowledge and are happy to share it with you for  your project. Feel free to give us a call at 336-338-7028.

What happens to most of the stuff you are hauling?

Being an eco-friendly company has been a motivation for us since the day we did our first junk haul. Even then we were looking for items to take to a local donation center. After years of providing Winston Salem junk hauling we have become much more sophisticated. Not only do we donate everything we can we have also set up partnerships with local recycling companies to reuse a lot of the items we remove. Some items that we recycle tons of (literally) are cardboard, metal, copper, electronics, wire, printers, computer equipment, cell phones, and more. When your items are being loaded in the truck our team is already sorting through your stuff. Large furniture that can be donated is easily spotted and will be taken to a charity. Smaller items are harder to spot and to keep up with. If you  have smaller items such as toys and clothing that  you want donated we do ask that you box them up and label them “donate”. We will attempt to donate them on your behalf.