Play Set Removal and Disposal in Greensboro, North Carolina

That play set in your backyard has been a great way to entertain the kids over the years. Over time, however, it has become worn and run-down. Luckily, Junk Doctors specializes in play set removal in Greensboro!

Old Swingset and Play Set Removal in Greensboro

Every family outgrows their old play set. Many times, play sets sit abandoned for years, unattended and beginning to rot. Eventually, removal becomes necessary. Junk Doctors specializes in small deconstruction projects and can remove your old play set and haul away the debris, leaving you with newfound space to develop something else. Play set removal couldn’t be easier!

Swing Set

Greensboro Play Set Removal

Our Junk Doctors team in Greensboro will handle all the labor involved in your play set deconstruction and hauling. Our play set removal is full-service, meaning we will take care of the disassembly of your play set and haul the pieces into the back of our truck!

Choosing Greensboro Junk Doctors to remove your old play set takes all of the work out of the job.

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Contact Junk Doctors today and we will arrive within 24 hours from the time you book your play set removal job to provide you with a no-obligations quote.

The cost of removing your play set is the cost of removing the material that the play set produces–the labor is included!

Are you ready to say goodbye to your old play set? Greensboro’s Junk Doctors is ready to begin on your play set removal job today!

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