Everything You Need to Know Before You Go To a Raleigh Landfill

Preparing to Face a Raleigh Landfill 

Utilizing a landfill has it’s benefits and can be a great way to dispose of unwanted items, depending on your needs.  There are, however, several things you should be prepared for prior to visiting a landfill.  Trips to the landfill aren’t exactly for the faint of heart, so make sure that it is the best disposal method for you.  Luckily, our team at Junk Doctors has plenty of experience at landfills and can tell you what to look out for!

Don’t be that guy who has to drive home from the landfill with the windows down trying to get rid of the smell.  And on a spare tire from driving over a nail while you were dumping your junk items! Spare yourself the inconveniences by familiarizing yourself with the risks involved in a trip to the landfill.

The Odor

The Odor

You’re all too familiar with how awful your kitchen trash smells after a week. Imagine acres of trash that have been sitting there for months and months. This smell will often stick with you long after you leave, lingering on your clothes and in your vehicle.

If you thought the smell of your own trash would be hard to get out of your nice, clean car, it only gets worse once you arrive at the landfill!

Vehicle Risks

Vehicle Risks

This may come as a shocker, but landfills are actually not fun locations to be at. When you visit a landfill, you have to deal with the lines of trucks waiting to dump their items, stepping over the waste and debris that has fallen on the ground, flying gravel hitting your windshield, and driving your vehicle through a parking lot that is surely filled with loose items like glass shards, nails, and more.

Disposal fees aren’t the only costs you may incur due to these risks of damage to personal property or self and the inconvenience of dealing with the landfill environment.

Pricing and Disposal Fees

Pricing and Disposal Fees

Disposing of unwanted items at landfills is not a free process. In fact, there are often costly fees associated with dumping items at your local landfill.

In addition to the disposal fees, you will also have to spend time loading your vehicle, waiting in the long lines at the landfill, and most likely even more time cleaning your vehicle afterward!

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

We recommend familiarizing yourself with what items are and are not allowed to be dumped at the landfill of your choosing. It would be such a waste if you loaded up your vehicle, drove all the way to your nearest landfill, and discovered that you will not be allowed to dump your items there.

Items that are commonly not allowed include old computers and other electronics, wet chemicals such as paint and oil, tires, and other forms of hazardous or toxic waste.

A Better Alternative to Using Landfills in Raleigh

If you want to save yourself from dealing with the mysterious debris and odor in the parking lot, flying gravel hitting your car, driving over nails, and paying those pesky fees, you can let our team handle it all for you!  You won’t have to spend the time researching the right place to take your unwanted junk and transporting your items.  We can do it all for you!  Avoid the risks and inconveniences by taking advantage of our full service team!

Our professional team of junk removal experts knows all the ins and outs of our local landfills and can tell you upfront whether we’ll be able to take your items there or not.  In fact, we factor that in to our list of accepted items.  Our trucks and team members are insured, so we’re prepared to handle any potential damage that occurs at these crowded and dangerous landfills.

A Few Raleigh Landfill Options

  • South Wake Landfill: South Wake Landfill is open from 7am-4pm Monday through Saturday and is closed on major holidays, which are listed online.  This Apex location charges $32 per ton of municipal solid waste and does not dispose of many types of items, so make sure you review the list of unacceptable items before you take a trip to this location.
  • East Wake Transfer Station: East Wake Transfer Station is open from 6am-3pm in Raleigh.  Municipal Solid Waste disposal starts at $41 per ton.  Review acceptable and unacceptable items to make sure you’re going to the right place before you go!
  • Durham Waste Disposal & Recycling Center: This Durham station is open from 7:30am-4pm Monday through Saturday.  Various fees for different disposal items can be found online, so you’ll know what kind of costs to expect before you go. Review items that can’t be accepted here prior to your trip.


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