Old Wood and Debris Removal Made Easy

Getting Rid of All That Old Wood Laying Around

Do you, for one reason or another, have old unwanted wood and debris laying around taking up space on your property?  That pile of wood is serving you no good if it’s left to rot.  It’s just an obstacle in your way now.  There are plenty of ways to either turn this nuisance into something useful or to get it gone with ease.  We’ll talk about ways to reuse it and the best way to handle wood debris removal.

Mulch It For Your Garden

One way to continue to get use out of the old pile of wood in your yard is by mulching it and using it for gardening purposes.  This might be a great method of putting your green thumb to work and a great weekend project.  You can rent a wood chipper or mulcher from many hardware stores, such as Lowe’s.  Now that old debris serves some purpose again.

Re-Purpose It For The Home

If you don’t garden, have no need for mulch, but want to find a purpose for that old wood, there are tons of DIY projects you can tackle.  If the pieces of wood you have in good condition, use them!  Think about items that would be useful in your home, such as a new end table for your bedroom or something else you feel is lacking.  There are so many resources out there with tons of creative ways to create new items for your home using re-purposed materials.

Haul It Off For Good

If you can’t think of any good use for your wood, you can haul it off.  There are tons of drop-off facilities in North Carolina that can accept unwanted debris.  If you have the truck space and manpower to load up and haul off your pile, get it gone!  Not all dumps accept wood or yard debris, so you might need to look it up.  It should be easy to find facilities near you that will accept these items.

Hire Someone To Pick It Up

If you’re just tired of your old wood remnants and don’t want to deal with them any longer, hand it over to Junk Doctors.  Our team can come out to your property and do all the work for your wood debris removal!  We’re a full service junk removal company with all the truck space and manpower to make your unwanted wood disappear.  Give us a call to talk about our appointment availability and pricing.

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