Why Old Clothes Should Not Be Thrown Away

We all have old clothes in our closets or in boxes that are in our attics. These have been set aside due to a number of reasons, which include going out of fashion or it does not fit right anymore. Whatever reasons you have for discarding your old clothes, you may have the urge to throw these out the next time you go spring cleaning.

If you find that you are itching to throw these out with the garbage, don’t. Resist the urge to get rid of your old clothes like you would the other stuff that you throw away from your home. Instead, donate these to a charity that can make good use of them or have a junk hauling company like Junk Doctors take care of these for you.

Junk hauling companies like Junk Doctors and Junk Removal Authority in Harrisburg handle these things the environmentally friendly way. That is by donating these clothes for you to various charities and institutions that can benefit from them. So if you cannot donate these old clothes yourself, your chosen junk hauler can do this for you.

Reasons Why Its Better To Donate Old Clothes 

There are a ton of reasons why donating your old clothes instead of tossing them in your garbage heap is the better choice. Here are some of those reasons:

Most textile waste can be recycled

Why waste materials that can get a new lease on life and help save the planet at the same time? Reduce the amount of trash that you contribute to the ever growing mound that the world already has by opting for recycling. You don’t need to add to the garbage that is in your city’s landfill. You can reduce the amount of junk that goes there by recycling old clothes and fabric items you have into other useful things.

Fabrics thrown into landfills create toxic gases

Did you know that clothing you choose to throw in the trash and that end up in landfills do a lot of harm to the air you breathe? This is because these fabrics create methane and carbon dioxide as they break down in these landfills. These gases are what you call greenhouse gases, and these serve to further break down the ozone. This means that throwing out your old clothes instead of putting these to good use with recycling is actually contributing to global warming.

It costs your city a lot of money to get rid of this waste

Getting rid of garbage in landfills can cost your town or city upwards of $20 million every year to dispose of the textile waste that is found in your landfills. That is a lot of money that could have gone to other things if people did their part in reducing fabric waste in their city.

It helps keep people clothed and warm even when they can barely afford it

One of the biggest reasons why you should donate your old clothes to charity (or have a junk hauling company donate these for you) is it helps others. Not everyone has the financial capability to purchase new clothes, or even old clothes, for that matter. You can do a good deed and help the planet at the same time while reducing clutter in your home by donating. You can bring these over to your local shelter, one of the charities in your community, or by calling a junk hauling company to pick these up.

Contact a Reputable Junk Hauling Company for Help

If you don’t know where to donate your old clothes or don’t have the time to do so, all you need to do in Harrisburg is to contact Dirty Dog Hauling. We are a junk hauling company that offers affordable junk hauling packages, guarantees pickup of your junk within 24 hours, and believes in environmentally sound disposal methods. One such method that we use is the one where we donate what we can from the junk you throw out before we resort to other methods of disposal.

To get your old clothes picked up and donated, contact us at 717-479-4787 or you can book online today to get a $20 from your booking.

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