What to Do with Old Appliances and Furniture

You’d be surprised at how much space you have to play around with in your home when you get rid of old appliances and furniture. You don’t have to throw them all of them away. There are many other options such as recycling, selling and donating these items. Here are a few ideas on what to do with old appliances and furniture items.

Find out if there is an appliance recycling program that you can take advantage of to dispose of these items. Energy-wasting appliances should be disposed of properly. Metal, plastic, and glass in the appliance can be recycled.

Appliances, large and small, can be donated if they are in good condition. You can check with your local neighborhood if they have institutions or charities that can benefit from these appliances and even furniture. Make sure the furniture doesn’t have big stains or rips if you plan to give it away. Some charities even provide junk removal service so you can give the items out when they visit your neighborhood.

If you have unwanted furniture that is taking up space in your home, consider selling it. You can sell it on sites like Craigslist and eBay. Just make sure you market them properly in both sites. Put a good photo of the item. You can take the photo in a space with decent lighting. People are likely to buy especially early spring when it’s back-to-school.

Give it to the retailer
Some retailers or manufacturers can take away older appliances when you are buying a new one. They are likely to dismantle it and recycle some of the components. If not, the appliance will be disposed of.

Take it for repairs
Some old appliances or even furniture can be revamped with just some simple repairs. Consider taking the appliance to an electrician to have them checked. If the repairs are minor, pay for them and reuse the appliance. If the appliance requires too many repairs, you’d rather buy a new one so getting rid of it would make more sense.

Identify a clearing house
You can find a clearing house in your area that accepts all types of recycled appliances. Some thrift shops and similar outlets can take used appliances. You can sell some that are in good condition at a small fee and use the money to add onto your budget and buy a new appliance.

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