Neighborhood Junk Removal Day

Junk Doctors now offers a way for you and your neighbors to save up to 40 percent on the cost of junk removal. One of the main reasons many people decide to do junk removal themselves instead of hiring a company is the cost of the job. Unfortunately with insurance, disposal fees, fuel costs, labor costs, advertising costs, etc. Junk Doctors and other competitors have to charge the rates they do. However Junk Doctors has created a plan that does save customers money while at the same time maintaining our profit margins. That is by having your neighborhood host a neighborhood junk removal day!

By combining multiple jobs into one truck in the same area it eliminates much of our expenses. That allows us to offer our services at a discounted rate while maintaining our profit margins. That makes everybody happy! Here is how it works:

  1. Neighborhood Junk Removal Days start at 9:00 AM on a Saturday and continues as long as needed.
  2. Each home is restricted to no more than 1/3rd of a load of junk removal. Go to our Pricing Estimator to get an idea of how much stuff 1/3rd of a load is. Keep in mind the prices are discounted with the junk removal day. If you have more than 1/3rd of a load it would need to be scheduled as a regular appointment. Feel free to call our office at 919-466-9322 to discuss the most cost effective option for you.
  3. Junk Doctors will go anywhere throughout the home or property to remove the items for no additional cost. The jobs will be completed in the order they were scheduled.
  4. There is a minimum of two people for a neighborhood junk removal day. One person would need to request a neighborhood junk removal day and ensure one other neighbor will have a job during that time. Once two people are confirmed Junk Doctors will schedule your day. You get a discount of 10% per person up to 40% off (2 people=20% off, 3 people=30% off). So it benefits everyone to spread the word of the junk removal day. Junk Doctors will also put out door hangers advertising the event and send out postcards to neighborhood residents reminding them of the event a few days before.
  5. Neighborhood residents will need to call and get on our schedule at least a day prior to the event.

Reserve your spot for your existing neighborhood day by selecting your neighborhood below or request a neighborhood junk removal day!


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