How to Make Money from Junk That You Have in Your Home

There is money in garbage, or so they say. There is also a saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. All of these quotes tell you that the items you consider junk or garbage which you can actually turn into cash and you can do this in many different ways.

If you have an attic, a storage room, a garage, or a basement full of boxes that you have not looked through in ages, you are in luck. You might have a treasure trove of items that you can make money from and you just don’t know it. You might even have one or two collectibles that can actually be considered valuable and you are just a few feet away from it.

Ways You Can Make Money from Junk

There are many ways you can make money from the junk that you clear out of your home. The most common is, of course, a garage sale.  This is where you simply put all the items you want to get rid of on your front yard.  Have people go through them for stuff they want to buy. While this is the easiest and most common way to make money from junk you are disposing of, there are other ways you can try.

Some of these can make you more money but will require a bit of effort. Here are some of your other money-making options when it comes to junk in your home:

  • Upcycle your items

    Remember that stack of old plate numbers you dug out of a box in the garage? How about that old chest that looks too worn out to be of any use to you? You can create unique looking items by upcycling the old stuff you have in your storage spaces and selling these for more. Old plate numbers can be pieced together and placed on top of an ordinary coffee table to make it look like a unique piece of furniture. That old chest can be sanded down and refinished or you can choose to paint it in whimsical colors to make it look like a toy box.

  • Separate antiques from standard junk 

    If you suspect that an item has more value than it appears to have, don’t throw it away. Separate it from the other stuff that you are planning to sell in a garage sale and research its possible value. Antiques can bring in more money than you might first realize. If you cannot find any information on the item, you can find an expert online who can check the item out at a minimal fee. Some antiques can fetch hundred to thousands of dollars, so it may be worth some effort to find out if what you have is valuable.

  • Sell collectibles on auction sites 

    It is rare to not find items stashed in your attic or garage that some collector will want to buy from you. If you have old toys from the 50s, 60s, and even up to the 80s, you may be sitting on hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of collector’s items. As with antiques, separate these items from the bunch and check online for information on the value for them. You can find information on these things on old toy sites, collectible sites, and fan sites.

What to Do With Junk You Can’t Sell

Not everything you find in your storage spaces can come with a monetary value. Some of these are just junk that you need to throw away to help declutter your home. While some of the small stuff you throw away can be easily carted off by your friendly neighborhood garbage collector, there are items that they won’t throw away for you.

When you need to have items disposed of, in Greensboro, you will need to contact a junk removal service. One of the foremost authorities in junk removal services in Greensboro is Junk Doctors. We specialize in the removal of junk from homes and offices.  Furthermore, with a pricing scheme that is you can consider as one of the friendliest in the business.

We can remove all types of junk that you need to have hauled away. This includes old furniture, electronics, lawn waste, old tires, old tubs, and more. We can also help you clear out spaces in your home when you have little to no time for the removal of junk that you want to throw away.

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