Junk Removal Tips by Junk Doctors

Junk Removal Tips for your Junk Removal Project

It’s that time of year to start cleaning up your homes and offices. Junk Doctors wants to provide you with the best tips possible to help reduce your stress with your project. Cleaning up and getting rid of unwanted items can be a frustrating task. You can be overwhelmed by the number of unnecessary items that have accumulated over the years. Here are the top 4 Junk Removal tips to help with your project.

  • Box up small and loose items. Little items can be tossed into larger boxes eliminating the need to make lots of trips.
  • If an item doesn’t work anymore, toss it out! We go out all the time on jobs where items haven’t work in years.
  • Lift heavy objects using your knees and back. This is important not to get hurt while moving around heavy objects. I’ll share a secret video with you that we use with our team
  • And the last tip is to call the Junk Doctor! We will do all the lifting and work for you.

Junk Removal items that we take all the time

There are energy consuming items all around your house. The old freezer from the 1980s that costs $25 a month in power to run that has 2 items in it. It’s the old refrigerator in your garage that has been sitting there for 2 years. All these old appliances or mattresses that consume the space in your home can be gone today. Junk Doctors makes it easy and we are just a phone call away. People ask us all the time for Junk Removal tips. The best tip we give is to give the Junk Doctor a call. You don’t need to worry about a super high price either. Junk Doctors has the most competitive pricing around. Typically 20% less than your “big franchises”.

Give Junk Doctors a call today and reclaim your space

The best junk removal tip I can give is to pick up the phone and call 919-466-9322. You won’t need to box anything up. You won’t need to make that awful trip to the dump. Just sit back and relax. Let the friendly team members of Junk Doctors. North Carolina’s largest Junk Removal company can handle any project from a small single item removal to large commercial junk removal job. With 3 locations around the state of North Carolina, we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to assist you.


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