Junk Removal Commercial Referral Programs

Our local team likes to partner with other local businesses in the area and help you out! There are lots of services that could use a junk removal team like ours. Additionally, we also have lots of customers that would benefit from services like yours, too! If you’re interested in working with us, just give us a call to discuss how we can help each other.

Junk Doctors is all about working with the local community in any way possible.  We’re able to accomplish this by working with other local service providers to assist them in solving THEIR issues and, of course, providing some of our own services.  Junk Doctors offers a variety of referral partnering opportunities.

Common Junk Removal Referral Partners:

  • Residential Real Estate Rental / Property Management Companies: Do you have multiple residential properties or are you a property management company? If so, Junk Doctors is a great option when you have tenants that just didn’t get the job done when it was time to move out or if you have had a “less than friendly” removal (eviction) and you need the contents removed.  We can be your go to company to get the location cleared up and cleared out so you can get back to renting it.
  • Commercial Property Management: Have a number of commercial properties and need a company that you can refer to your customers/tenants when they need to clear out things? Junk Doctors is YOUR prescription. From clearing out old storage areas, storage closets or even clearing the way for new furniture and cubicle areas, we can get the clutter out of the way quickly for your people.
  • Interior Designers: When you have clients that want that whole new look, the Doctors can come in one day and clear the way to bring in those super new furnishings pronto!  Get your clients living in the design YOU planned quickly and easily. We are glad to work with you directly if it’s clearing out entire areas/rooms or even just piece by piece.  We’re easy to work with and want to provide the best services that you can get!
  • Professional Organizers: If you make your living getting people organized, then having a company like Junk Doctors handy is one great thing YOU can do to help keep your own operation organized. No surprises, fast service, and friendly people are what we are all about. We keep your client and their needs in mind when we work with you. Have an industrial grade hoarder? We’ve been there and worked through that with many clients and are prepared to clear whatever needs to go.
  • Self-Storage companies: We bet more than a few people come through your doors that just have too much stuff – but really do NOT want to do all the hoisting, lifting and hefting that it is going to take to get it into your storage areas. Let Junk Doctors be a company that you can refer to those people. From going in and grabbing out a room of stuff and getting it into one of your storage areas to helping a family get everything into storage for some sort of home move, we’re your prescription for satisfied customers.  Not only that, but we’ll be here for you if an old customer leaves a mess behind in their former storage unit.  Get in touch now!

As a side note, when we are onsite with junk removal customers, we also have a great opportunity to promote all of our referral partners. While people do want to get rid of stuff in their houses, there are a lot of them that are interested in storing some of their items. Others are clearing out things in preparation for new furniture and new home decorating projects. We often run into customers that could use more than just a little clearing out and are PRIME candidates for professional organizers.

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