Spring Clean for Your Routine | Junk Removal in Charlotte, Greensboro, Apex, NC

Spring Cleaning Made Quick and Easy

Even though spring cleaning comes only once a year, it never seems to be something we look forward to.  A quick and easy way to transform your space is to remove your unwanted, bulky household items like furniture. That’s where Junk Doctors can help. We’re the best choice for junk removal in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Apex! Just point to what you want removed, and we’ll haul it for you; your junk could be gone as early as today with our same and next day booking options.

Only have an hour?

Need a quick fix? Pick one room to thoroughly clean or choose a task that can be done all over the house; opt for something you can tackle quickly. For example, dust or tidy up your living room furniture. Cleaning a central room, like your living room, is a good choice since it is one of the most used areas. A kitchen clean-up is another great choice, especially if you have guests coming over.

24 hours or less

Following a checklist can help you know what you need to get done without putting much thought into it. A day is plenty of time to figure out what you’d like to keep, donate, or have removed. Junk Doctors makes junk removal in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Apex easy! Removing unwanted items makes more room for entertaining or starting a new home improvement project.

If you can dedicate a whole weekend…

Be sure to bring the whole family in on your weekend spring clean to make the job get done faster. Once you’re finished, schedule a fun family outing like Spring Fling at Hodges Family Farm! Or, get a sitter and have your own springtime fun with a Brewery/Cidery-themed Egg Hunt. Take advantage of the spring weather and seasonal events taking place.

Prep on Friday

You likely won’t have as much time on Friday to clean anyway, so it’s a time to make sure you have everything you need to start your spring clean. If you have larger items you’re looking to get rid of, like bulky furniture, schedule an appointment with Junk Doctors for junk removal in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Apex, NC.

Full steam ahead on Saturday

Since you’re prepped to clean, you can start off Saturday with a breeze. Start with your linens, like putting clean sheets on the bed. Vacuum after you’ve dusted so you can collect anything that may fall down in the process. Tackle your bathroom as well and don’t forget to sort through under-the-sink storage. Wipe down your shower curtain or put a new one in it’s place.

Finish strong on Sunday

On Sunday, work on decluttering and cleaning your kitchen and living room. Take the opportunity to sort through your pantry and fridge; however, we recommend being thorough and looking at the expiration date on each item. That way, you’ll know what to add to the grocery list for next time. Clean off any flat surfaces, like tables and counters. Toss any trash you’ve accumulated throughout your weekend spring clean.

Feel free to buy fresh flowers or light a candle to brighten up the room.

One week and done!

For a free printable checklist, click here.

Day 1: Kitchen

Knock out your kitchen on day 1, since it probably gets the most use.

Day 2: Closets

Move seasonal pieces out of storage and replace them with what’s hanging in your closet.

Day 3: Bedrooms

Put clean sheets on your bed and organize drawers that accumulate junk.

Day 4: Bathrooms

Give your bathrooms a thorough scrub and remove any hard water stains or grime around faucets.

Day 5: Living room

Polish furniture to make it shine and mop or vacuum floors.

Day 6: Windows

Clean off windows and make sure curtains are free of dust.

Day 7: Garage

Choose which items you want to pack for donation or use an organization system to conserve space. The Junk Doctors can remove any heavier items for you!

Not in a hurry? Plan for a month

If time isn’t a constraint for you, choose a spring cleaning schedule that can be done little by little; you can easily finish one task a day. A month later and you’ll be able to benefit from your hard work without it seeming like it took up much of your time.

Time shouldn’t deter you from spring cleaning; even though it happens every year, we can feel unsure of the best way to start. Find a method that works for you and stick to it year after year. After you’ve finished decluttering and cleaning, Junk Doctors can tackle any heavy furniture pieces or household items that you’d like gone. We make junk removal in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Apex, NC quick and simple.

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