How to Organize Your House

Having a well-organized house is simply a matter of developing good habits. All you need is to basically organize your time, home as well as workspace for a more productive living. If your house is more disorganized, then it might be a bit hard for you to arrange it since you will require more energy and time. However, if you do not know how best you can organize your house you do not have to worry anymore. This is because here are some tips on how to organize a house.

  1. Start by assessing the situation

You need to start by walking around every room in your house so as to assess the situation. Make a decision whether the mess you find in each room is due to clutter, dirt or both of them. Make some personal rules such as for any item that you have not used for the last six months you will dispose it.

  1. Devise an action depending on your visual assessment

You should rank your rooms from the worst to best in terms of mess each room has and then clean and organize them in that order. Start by organizing the messiest room since you will have more energy rather than ending with it when you are tired. It may never get organized as you would wish if you do it when you are too much tired. Establish some goals and time limit for every room. A good action plan shall define your motto of the day like clear out, throw away, clean and put back. List all rooms in the order you will clean them and the time limit for each. This will make you feel good about your progress.

  1. Collect supplies

You just need to put a bag in the vacuum cleaner and all the cleaning supplies in a tote which you can easily carry from one room to another. Ensure you have good mood by turning on good mood music.

Divide and conquer: Under this category you are required to do the following

  1. Clear out the clutter

Do this by creating a bigger working area by simply removing as many things as possible. Make piles for items which you want to relocate to other rooms. Fill the garbage bags with items that you no longer require and get rid of the rubbish. Hang your clothes in the closet or else fold and put them in drawers or in the laundry basket. Remember that the more things you will dispose the more organized your house will be.

  1. Clean from top to bottom

Begin with the ceiling and progress on to the bottom. Use a dust mop to clean the ceiling fixtures by getting rid of the cobwebs and dust. Spray the mirrors and windows and once you are through with this, start wiping other surfaces. Make your bed and return the sofa pillows to their right location. First finish the items you sprayed before tackling the floor. Vacuuming is better since it is faster than sweeping. Damp the mop tile and when the floor is drying, start carrying the garbage piles out for disposal.

  1. Organize and return all items to their respective places

Some items may be kept together. Use the storage bins to keep things such as toys, CDs, craft suppliers, makeup and many others. Make sure to label your containers correctly and put them on a shelf so that you will always know what is inside in each of them.

  1. Finalize

Finalize your job by taking out all the garbage bags as well as returning the miscellaneous items you found back to their right place. You may decide to dispose the garbage by burning or selling some items like plastics to the recycling companies. Check the room and record some notes of if you achieved what you expected. Move to the next room and do the same until you will be through cleaning and organizing all rooms in your house.

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