How to Demolish a Kitchen – Tips for the DIY Enthusiast

Need to learn how to demolish a kitchen? You’re faced with an enormous undertaking, but don’t let that overwhelm you. With the right tools and the right knowledge, you can very well bring that kitchen back to square one. Learn how kitchen demolition works with Junk Doctors!

As a general note, demolition is potentially risky work, but you don’t have to leave yourself vulnerable. We recommend you use the correct protective equipment regardless of what sort of demolition work you’re getting into. Make sure to wear eyeglasses, ear plugs, and a dust mask before getting started!

How to Demolish Kitchen Cabinets

One of the challenges you’ll face when learning how to take apart a kitchen is removing the cabinets. With proper care, you’ll avoid any accidents, such as the cabinets crashing down to the floor. You may want to bring a friend along!

  1. First things first, remove the contents from the cabinets.
  2. Dealing with cabinets with built-in lighting? Be sure to flick off the power.
  3. Locate any nails or screws affixing the cabinets to other cabinets and the walls.
  4. First, detach the cabinet from other cabinets. Then, detach the cabinet from the wall.
  5. Be sure to have someone who can help you hold the cabinet up when removing the final nail or screw.
Kitchen cabinets in need of kitchen demolition

How to Remove Kitchen Tile and Grout

Removing tile doesn’t have to be so hard. The key is doing it all in the correct sequence. The grout has to go first; then, the tiles; finally, the mortar goes last.

  1. Remove the grout using tools such as a hammer and chisel, a grout saw, or a reciprocating saw.
  2. Once the grout is out of the way, you can begin prying up the individual tiles using a pry bar.
  3. Are tiles being difficult and refusing to break loose? You can break them into pieces using a hammer.
  4. After the tiles are removed, you can chisel away the mortar and be rid of those tiles for good.
Demolishing kitchen tile

How to Remove a Kitchen Sink

Removing a kitchen faucet, a garbage disposal, sink pipes, and other plumbing-related items is very doable when you take the right steps.

  1. Of course, you should start by disconnecting plumbing and power from your sink, garbage disposal, and other nearby components.
  2. Next, disconnect your water supply lines, your drain pipe, and your garbage disposal from the sink.
  3. Using a utility knife, cut the caulk around the kitchen sink, then detach the sink from the countertop.
  4. Pull the sink out of the countertop. Then, dispose of the unwanted items accordingly.
Kitchen sink in need of kitchen demolition

How to Remove a Dishwasher

Removing a dishwasher is a similar process to removing a kitchen sink. Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Start by disconnecting the water supply and the drain line feeding into the dishwasher.
  2. Generally, a dishwasher is mounted in place using mounting brackets. Locate these and unscrew them.
  3. Next, lower the dishwasher. This may require you to unscrew the legs from the dishwasher.
  4. Finally, you can move the dishwasher out of place. Recycle or dispose of it as necessary.
Old dishwasher in need of kitchen demolition

Demolition Services are Also Available

There are a lot of ins and outs relating to demolition work. So many, in fact, that we can’t cover everything here. It’s very feasible for you to learn how to demolish a kitchen on your own, but if you’re short on time—or willpower—there are professional demolition companies that can help you out. For example, Junk Doctors of Charlotte, NC knows how to demolish all components of a kitchen. That’s including everything and the kitchen sink.

Whether you go about the work yourself or hire a professional company, we hope you’ve learned more about the resources you need to demolish a kitchen the right way!