Junk Removal in Charlotte, NC – How Much Should It Cost?

The Importance of Junk Removal

Junk removal is a big industry with a lot of different players in the game. Why? Because there will always be demand for junk removal services. After all, public trash pickup doesn’t always cut it. There will always be homeowners who need help getting rid of heavy furniture, there will always be business owners who need experts to clean out their offices, and there will always be property managers who need house and apartment cleanouts. Junk removal is a big deal for all those reasons—and more!

Junk pickup services in Charlotte, NC

Why Does Junk Removal in Charlotte Cost?

Junk removal, however, isn’t free. If you enlist the assistance of a junk removal company, expect there to be a price tag attached. That’s because there are many costs involved with operating a junk removal business, such as:

  • Labor
  • Fuel
  • Disposal Fees
  • Insurance

It’s easy to understand that junk removal costs money. However, it can be difficult to get a grasp on just how much money it’s supposed to cost. How much is too much? How are you supposed to know if you’re getting ripped off? Let’s figure out how much you should prepare to pay during your junk removal appointment.

Average Costs of Junk Removal

What determines junk removal prices in Charlotte? In most cases, how much junk removal costs is based on how much junk you need taken away. Most junk removal companies use volume-based pricing. Simply put, you pay based on how much truck space your junk uses up. To be more specific, the truck is usually divided into ten to thirteen differing price points based on how full it gets.

So, how much for a minimum truckload? How much for a maximum truckload? And what if your job lands somewhere in the middle?

Paying for junk removal services in North Carolina
  • The minimum junk removal cost in Charlotte is about $135.
  • The maximum junk removal cost in Charlotte is about $650.
  • The average junk removal cost in Charlotte is about $390.

Additional Charges

Usually, junk removal jobs are priced in a very straightforward way. However, there are unique circumstances in which additional charges might need to be applied. Be mindful of these circumstances so that you aren’t taken aback during your junk removal appointment.

  • Extended distance jobs. Some junk removal companies are willing to serve you even if you’re outside of their usual service radius, but you will have to make it worth their time by chipping in for the extra fuel they used.
  • Special disposal fees. Some items, such as tires, electronics, and air conditioner refrigerants, incur an extra fee upon disposal. A junk removal company will usually relay this charge to its customers.
  • Extra labor fees. When trying to get rid of extraordinarily heavy items, such as pianos or concrete, a junk removal company may charge you more to make this intense work worth their while. This can sometimes even affect basic furniture removal costs in Charlotte.

Choose Local and Save

Still looking for ways to save money on professional junk removal services? Choose local. As it turns out, local junk removal businesses cost less on average for the same services that big box companies offer. But why exactly is that? The culprit is the franchise fees. You see, for junk removal franchises to carry that nationally known brand name, they have to shell out a good deal of money. And those costs have to be paid somehow—so they’re tacked on to the service costs for the customers to pay.

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And since local junk removal businesses aren’t franchises, naturally they don’t have franchise fees to pay. On top of that, they’re often brand-new businesses that were founded in your community resulting in less expensive services for you, the customer! Plus, you’ll also feel great knowing you are supporting your local economy by choosing a local business.

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