How Does Charlotte’s 2023 Fiscal Plan Affect Public Waste Pickup?

The 2023 Charlotte Fiscal Plan: What’s New?

The city of Charlotte has unveiled its fiscal plan for 2023, and changes have been made. To the average citizen, it may seem boring to look over these sorts of documents. However, there’s a good reason to take a glance anyway, and it’s because the city’s decisions can affect even your everyday person. Sometimes, a new budget can lead to increased taxes, which isn’t exactly fun. Fortunately, the Charlotte fiscal plan involves no tax hikes. What it does include, however, are changes that may affect Charlotte garbage pickup.

The most important of these changes is a 2.5% increase in salaries for positions that require a CDL (commercial driver’s license). What sorts of jobs require a CDL? If you want to drive a fire truck, you would need a CDL. If you want to drive a school bus, then the same holds true. And—yep, you guessed it!—if you want to man the helm of a garbage pickup truck, then you’re simply going to have to get a commercial driver’s license.

That’s all well and good, but the question stands. How does an increase in the salaries of CDL-requiring positions affect you and people like you?

Potential Effects on Charlotte Garbage Collection

With an increased salary for jobs requiring a CDL, there will likely be more people looking to fill these positions. What this means is more sanitation workers to drive the garbage collection trucks throughout our neighborhoods and city blocks. This is fantastic news, especially considering the labor shortage the city has been facing. With more truck drivers come the benefits. Fewer missed collections and fewer delayed collections means you get fewer headaches to boot. And, if you have a commercial driver’s license, you have a fantastic opportunity to make some extra money with it.

Charlotte sanitation workers

However, that extra salary has to come from somewhere, and as stated above, nobody’s taxes are going up. What this means is that there is a very real possibility that the cost of weekly waste collection could increase over time. For many people, this price hike might be very well worth it. After all, their trash will be picked up regularly and consistently, and some people are getting great jobs out of it. However, in the current economic climate—i.e. inflation galore—another expense becoming more expensive can be a real eye-roller. Your mileage may vary; what comes to be will come to be.

Alternatively, Choose Junk Removal

The weekly garbage pickup isn’t always the right fit for the job. There are rules and regulations about what you can and can’t put out for collection. You have to schedule in advance if you have bulky waste that needs to be picked up, and yard waste has to be stored in particular containers. Sometimes, you are too busy or perhaps even physically unable to move your heavy junk items to the curb. The city doesn’t provide workers who can do full-service junk removal for you, and that’s why junk removal companies exist to fill that void.

Junk removal companies are fully staffed with professionals that are capable of removing even your heaviest junk items from your property. They don’t require you to store your garbage in a certain kind of receptacle, nor do they have a limit on how much they can pick up. There are many franchise junk removal businesses that would be happy to serve you. There are even locally owned and operated companies, such as Junk Doctors, that would be proud to be your first choice as well.

Between the city’s waste collection and junk removal companies, there will always be options when you need to get rid of junk!

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