Holiday Clean-Up Tips to Get Your Home Through the Busiest Season of the Year

As we all come together this time of year, there are many get-togethers, dinners, gift exchanges and houseguests which can bring so much joy to everyone involved but can also bring a lot of work for the hosts. Although this time of year can bring the wonderful company of those, we love it can bring a lot of planning, meal prep, and clean-up.

However, following these simple tips will help make clean-up quick and simple and help to get your home back to pre-holiday mess status in no time.

Holiday Gifts

If you received gifts that need to be returned or exchanged don’t wait, get it done as soon as possible. Letting gifts sit and pile up that need to be returned will create unnecessary clutter and clutter creates stress. Make sure you put it at the top of your list to return or exchange anything you received that you don’t want or don’t need. If you are unable to return the item consider donating it or giving it to someone that would benefit from it. Don’t just store the gift in a closet, attic or garage and let clutter and junk build up.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards can get out of hand pretty fast. You can use holiday cards to compile or update your address and holiday card list for the next holiday season. Saving photo cards of close friends or family is acceptable, but recycling or tossing the remaining cards is recommended. After all, you will likely be receiving more cards next year.

Post-Holiday Clean-Up

You likely entertained guests throughout the holiday season, and your home could stand a good clean-up, including your guest bedroom. Change sheets for the next guests, even if you don’t expect any for a while. Clean your kitchen and other rooms in your home where you entertained. Getting back into a routine helps to come down from the holiday buzz.

Holiday Decorations

Taking a day or two to take down all of your holiday decorations and organize them as you put them away will help you next year when it is time to decorate. Assess your lights and throw any broken strands out. After the holidays pass is a great time to purchase extra lights and any other holiday decorations you have wanted to stock up on. Make sure you place any new holiday lights or other holiday decoration purchases with your other decorations, or you might forget about them once the holidays roll back around.

Raleigh Junk Doctors

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