Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning This Year

Why You Should Do Your Spring Cleaning Early

Everyone hates spring cleaning, but we all do it!  We sacrifice a weekend every spring to lock ourselves in our house and get it in tip-top shape!  Right as the weather starts to warm up and we want to be outside, we instead labor away at home, missing out on the beautiful park days or lounging with friends.  Why do we do “spring cleaning” in the spring, anyway?  At Junk Doctors, we think winter cleaning is a better alternative!  Here’s Why:

It’ll Boost Your Mental Health

Have you ever heard of the “winter blues?”  They’re real!  People tend to feel down during winter due to being more inactive, getting less sunlight, and other factors.  It’s important to fight this negative affect of the cold months by proactively keeping yourself busy and finding way s to improve your day-to-day routine.  A cleaner, less cluttered home makes anyone feel better!  Taking the time to work on de-junking your home could give you the mental boost you’ve needed.  Not only will you feel less overwhelmed by the things in your home, but the process of sorting your junk is helpful, too.  You’ll feel the satisfaction of a job well done once you’ve found unwanted stuff to get rid of.

You’ll Keep Less Pests Around Later in the Year

Bugs and other pests may be mostly away during the winter, but you know those little pests always come back.  In a few months when it starts to warm up again outside, they’ll be making homes in your house once again.  Unfortunately, the more cluttered your house is, the more dark corners among your stuff they can hide in and make homes.  You can go ahead and combat this by eliminating some of these housing and breeding grounds before the bugs ever even come back.  With less dark cozy corners of clutter to hide out in, there will be less bugs living with you overall.  If they aren’t paying rent, you don’t want them around!  So, start clearing that junk!

You Don’t Want to Miss a Beautiful Spring Weekend

The weather hasn’t been great this winter, so you’re probably spending most of your weekends indoors anyway.  It’d be a shame to miss a great weather weekend in the spring so you can catch up on cleaning the home.  Why not go ahead and do it while it’s not a good time of year for outdoor adventures anyway?  This way, you’ll have nothing holding you back from enjoying the park on a warm, breezy Saturday a few months from now!

You’ll Get Ahead of Your Allergies

A great way to prevent allergies is by keeping a clean home.  Seasonal allergies affect your home, too, by bringing in more dust and other allergens.  If you do winter cleaning, you’ll be able to establish a better routine for sweeping, dusting, and other techniques that will limit allergens.  Cleaning your house is a good way to not only minimize household allergens, but also be able to detect mold more quickly.  You’ll want to have a clean home where it’s easy to spot mold and get it taken care of!

These aren’t the only reasons we recommend getting ahead of your spring cleaning!  There are so many benefits to having a neat, organized, and clutter-free home all year round.  Do yourself a favor and spend time improving your home by simply straightening it.

If you find yourself accumulating piles of unwanted junk while you sort your home, Junk Doctors can help!  We do full service junk removal in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas.  We’d be thrilled to take your unwanted stuff off your hands so you can enjoy your newly cleaned home.  We’ll even donate and recycle items when possible.

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