Effective Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture

If you are trying to get rid of old furniture then you should know that there are several options that you can try. You can either dump it at the landfill, donate it to charity, sell it to people or you can recycle it. Each of these options have certain benefits and downsides, however, and they all depend on the current state of your furniture. So if you are presently trying to get rid of old furniture then here are the options available to you.

Donate It
First option that you can try, is to donate your old furniture. There are plenty of charities and antique shops that will take your old furniture for free, which means that you won’t have to pay anyone to take them off your hand. If you’re lucky, you may even find an organization that will send out a truck to take your furniture from you. The only catch, however, is that most charities and antique shops will only accept those furniture which are still relatively intact, which means that although they are willing to accept a chair with a few scratches on it, they will most likely reject those which are missing a leg or two.

Sell It
Your second option in getting rid of old furniture is to sell it. What may seem like old, worthless furniture to you may still be valuable to other people. Two of the most common ways to sell your old furniture is by selling them to either antique dealers or to a vendor at the local flea market. Another option that you can try is to sell your items to a furniture recycling company, most of whom pay between $10 to $35 for used furniture in relatively good condition. If you’re good at repairing items, you can even try repairing your old furniture to raise their total value. So this is definitely a good way to monetize your old furniture.

Recycle It
Also, you can recycle your old furniture. Of all the various ways to deal with old furniture, this is probably the most time-consuming one of all. You can, for example, turn the surface of the old tables to create parts for a new cabinet or turn them into wood ornaments. The only problem with this option, however, is that it only applies to people who have the time, tools and skills to create new furniture using recycled items, so it’s not for everybody. However, if you do possess the necessary skills then recycling your old furniture is a productive way of making them useful again.

Dump It
In getting rid of old furniture, your first option is also the most obvious one: Dump it. This process is simple enough, and requires nothing more than a large vehicle to transport your old furniture to the dump site. If you don’t have the necessary vehicle, you can always hire someone who does to transport your items to the dump site. The problem with this option, is that it only works on furniture which have been completely destroyed, and that’s pretty wasteful. Even if you don’t want your old furniture anymore, someone else may want it, and so dumping it at the junkyard seems like a waste of good money.

Why You Will Need Help Getting Rid of Your Old Furniture

It’s important to remember that removing old furniture from your property is not something that you should attempt alone. In addition to being a difficult process, transporting your old furniture from your home to its destination requires time, labor and transportation. If you want to sell or donate your furniture, the process becomes a little bit more difficult, since you will need to speak with someone who will act as your middleman. The same problem also holds true even if you just want to dump your old furniture. The more items you want to get rid of, the more help you will need someone to help you out.

This is why you should hire a junk removal company to help you move your items at the appointed day. The team scheduled to take your furniture will contact you about an hour before their arrival, so that you can prepare everything. Upon arrival, simply give them the word and they’ll haul away your furniture to their transports. They will even clean after themselves, so you don’t need to worry about the mess.

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