Dump Sites in Charlotte, NC–What Are Your Options?

Finding Charlotte dump sites fitting your needs can be a challenge. At Junk Doctors, we care about keeping our planet green, so we’ve compiled a list of dump sites in Charlotte, NC.

C&M Recycling

2930 Jeff Adams Dr, Charlotte, NC 28206

Privately owned C&M Recycling is centrally-located and offers the most affordable recycling services in Charlotte. The business only charges for large loads (in the $20-$40 range) and depending on the equipment used. C&M prides itself in offering free concrete dumping, perfect for those with construction or demolition projects.

Compost Central Recycling Center

140 Valleydale Rd, Charlotte, NC 28214

Located in Northeastern Charlotte, Compost Central Recycling Center is another Mecklenburg County-run facility. The center accepts virtually all waste, ranging from electronics to furniture. The best part is you’re helping the planet by recycling while cutting down on your clutter! The company just asks that materials like construction debris and yard waste be separated.

Foxhole Recycling Center

17131 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC 28277

Foxhole Recycling Center is one of the four Mecklenburg County recycling facilities. That means the same rules apply as Compost Central and Hickory Grove; as long as you pre-sort your waste, the facility will take it, disposing of the junk properly. This center is located on the far-south side of Charlotte, but it’s important to be aware that it is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and major holidays.

Hickory Grove Recycling Center

8007 Pence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28215

Hickory Grove Recycling Center is one of the four Mecklenburg County drop-off recycling centers. The centers accept heavy duty items like mattresses and appliances, as well as general recyclable trash like milk and juice cartons. They charge fees based on the bulk of your waste. Before dropping off your waste, make sure to separate yard waste, bulky trash, and construction debris.

Lakeview Road Landfill, Inc.

 4627 Lakeview Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216

Lakeview Road Landfill is privately owned and operated in Northern Charlotte. The company aims to protect the environment and prevent illegal dumping by providing people and organizations with waste disposal services. The landfill accepts construction materials like brick and concrete, as well as yard debris like soil and gravel. Their pricing is dependent on truck sizes/volume of waste, but they are available to give estimates with a quick call.

Queen City Transfer Station

3130 Jeff Adams Dr, Charlotte NC 28206

Queen City Transfer Station is a private dump catered towards commercial businesses and located off Highway 85 just north of the city center. The company provides full-service waste management in Charlotte, from E-waste to composting. Queen City Transfer Station employees are happy to work with any customer’s needs, after paying service and membership fees. 

Reeves Trucking & Landfill

2323 State Rd 2469, Charlotte, NC 28262

Reeves Landfill is a selective drop-off dump service that only accepts yard waste, concrete, and rock. This site is ideal for customers with dump trucks, as the dirt road leading to the dump site is very bumpy and mountainous. The business is open 7AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday, but is closed on weekends.

Self-Service Recycling Center – Park Rd

6220 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210

This self-service recycling site is the best for unloading recyclable materials fast. This location is one of five Mecklenburg County-run self-service recycling centers. Acceptable materials include, but aren’t limited to, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and glass bottles. There is staff here only occasionally to make sure materials are getting sorted correctly.

Still Need Help?

If you’re still searching for a Charlotte dump site that’s the right fit for you, no worries! There are other dumping services in and around the city that can guide you to the right place.

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