Do it Yourself Junk Removal

Junk Removal is a task that anyone can do. With the proper vehicle, some extra time, and a few strong backs the task can be completed by yourself. Wake County has also provided area facilities where residents can drop off their items free of charge. This section of our site is here to provide you with locations, rules, best times to go, and acceptable items for area drop off sites. We also have created a map for donation centers and provided you with tips on how to load your items from the pros at Junk Doctors.

Junk Removal can be a time consuming process.
If you have more than one pickup truck load of items expect to spend the better part of a Saturday doing the job yourself. You will also need at least one helper. One of the most time consuming parts of the job is transporting and unloading the items at the proper location. If you would like to save yourself time but still save some money by doing the job yourself then you can rent a dumpster from Junk Doctors. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and not put any effort into it then schedule a full service junk removal appointment with Junk Doctors. You won’t have to lift a finger other than pointing to us to tell us what is going. However, for those still interested in doing it themselves continue on down the page. 

City and County Drop-off Centers

Residents of most towns, cities and counties may drop items at Convenience Centers free of charge. Keep in mind that not all sites accept all types of materials. For that reason we have provided you a breakdown below the map of which sites accept what items.

Where to Drop Off

Guilford County (Greensboro/High Point)

Check out this PDF at the Guilford County Website for a lot of information about all types of waste removal, landfill rules and policies and more.

Forsyth County NC (Winston-Salem)

Find more information on all the available types of waste removal on the Forsyth County website. A lot of information – requires a PDF reader such as Adobe® Acrobat.

General Waste Transfer/Convenience Center Rules

  • No double axle trailers
  • No large UHAUL type rental trucks. They are considered to be a commercial vehicle. Technically, UHAUL pickups are not allowed either, however we have seen them at these sites at times.
  • Children under the age of 16 must remain in vehicle at all times.
  • No loitering or rummaging through items.

Times to Avoid Going to Drop-off Centers

  • Drop-off centers have a variety of times and hours.
  • You will want to avoid going on weekends if possible. Sunday mornings before noon tend to be the best time during the weekend. During the week the best times to go are from 7 AM to 11 AM, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Lines at these facilities can get very long during the weekends and after Christmas. It is not uncommon to be waiting close to an hour at certain sites before you are able to unload.
  • If possible avoid going the week after Christmas. The sites get so busy during that week that a couple of them have police officers on duty as people get impatient, argumentative, and unruly with the long wait times.
  • Try to get construction debris to the sites before 10:00 AM on Saturday’s. The Construction Debris landfill closes at noon on Saturday’s so there are times where the bins get full and Waste Industries does not have a place to unload the material. This doesn’t happen all that often but to play it safe it is best to get there before 10:00 on a Saturday. The Construction Debris landfill is closed completely on a Sunday. Again, most of the time you are probably OK to bring the material to the sites but to play it safe try and get it done before 10:00 AM on Saturday. Note: Make sure to check the items accepted chart below as not all sites accept construction debris!

Quick Tip: Often times many of your items can be donated. Convenience sites will accept items that can be donated but you might be interested in donating the items to someone who could use them and getting a tax receipt. A map of area donation centers can be found in section 2. Also, Junk Doctors sorts through their dumpsters when you rent from us and also if you hire us for full service junk removal. We will mail you a tax receipt for any items that are donated on your behalf.


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