Disposing Old Furniture Properly

There comes a time in life when you need to get rid of the old and bring in something new. This is often the case for furniture, as it gets old and impractical with time. Your old couch has held on to years’ worth of dust, probably the reason why you can get rid of that cold you have. With furniture that has served you well, leaving them on the curb with your garbage or throwing them in the dumpster is not an option.

Your furniture is probably old, heavy and awkward to move and you do not want to make a mess of the entire process. Thinking about where to take it is also another worry. You will be glad to know that you have quite a number of options when it comes to getting rid of old furniture in Raleigh.

Junk Removal Service

With the rate at which human beings amass things and need to get rid of it, several entrepreneurs have come up with junk removal services to address this growing need to get rid of old appliances and furniture. Getting rid of your own old furniture also has environmental concerns and you may have to consult the Raleigh local authorities before you do so. Instead of going through all this trouble, why not leave it to the experts and have a professional junk removal service haul the old furniture away.

Where your old furniture ends up

A professional and eco-friendly junk removal service will always try as much as possible to prevent old furniture from ending up in landfills. They often partner with other organizations for the charitable disposal or recycling of the old furniture. Your furniture may end up:

  • Donation to charity: If the furniture is not in a bad shape, it can be donated to charity. There are various schools, foster care systems and goodwill that are always in need of a donation, which could help spare funds elsewhere.
  • Recycling and refurbishing: There are various recycling plants that use the materials from the old furniture to create new products. Wood from old furniture can be recycled to create composite wood products among other things. The furniture may also be refurbished and sold off at a lower price.
  • Re-used: Your local theatre community can use your old furniture on their sets. Most of the set up in theatres does not have to be functional and old furniture would do perfectly well up there.
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