Deck Removal Made Easy

Are you considering a home improvement project that includes your outdoor living space or deck? An old, rotting deck can put a real damper on outdoor celebrations and can create a hazard if left to rot. There are obvious signs that it may be time to tear out your old deck and start over. You can use this guide created by Charlotte Junk Doctors to help you determine if your deck needs to go.

Rotting Deck?

Many times you can build older decks so that the posts rest directly on the footings, which can cause them to soak up water and cause decks to rot. You should check your posts to ensure strength, and that they are free of rot.

Is Your Deck Shaky?

Shaky railings are a safety hazard and usually mean that the railings need to be secured properly. Using nails to secure a railing on a deck will only work temporarily. You will need proper bolts and fastenings to secure the deck railings.

Attach Your Deck In Your Home Properly?

If you want to attach your deck to your home with ledger boards.  You can fasten ledger boards properly to your home, your entire deck can fall off of your house, leading to a huge mess.

Do the Deck Boards Wobble?

When you walk across your deck if the boards wobble or feel like they could give way at any minute, then it is an obvious sign that your deck has seen better days and needs replaced.

Why Remove Your Deck

Determined the structural stability of your deck. Do this by examining it for loose boards, levelness, and visible damage. So you may have determined that removing the entire deck may be necessary.

Once a neglected deck sits not a for a long period, it continues to deteriorate.  Becoming subject to further deterioration and pests and can lower property value. Often removing the deck and making room for something new is just a few simple steps away.

Deck Deconstruction With Junk Doctors

One option to consider is making your deck deconstruction removal job a do-it-yourself project. It’s a rather large job and depending on the size of your deck may take several hours to days.

Another option is to hire Charlotte Junk Doctors to remove your deck and free up your outdoor space.  Charlotte Junk Doctors will be at your location to remove your deck within 24-48 from the time that you call.

Charlotte Junk Doctors will do all the work, clean up, and haul away all of the debris when they are done, leaving you nothing to worry about except what you are going to do with your new found space.

Call Charlotte Junk Doctors  

Once your deck deconstruction project is complete.  You may discover that you want to continue cleaning out the junk from your home and yard. From yard waste to furniture removal, Junk Doctors serves the Charlotte area.  Certainly, we are happy to meet all of your junk hauling and light deconstruction needs.

Charlotte Junk Doctors does an amazing job with deck deconstruction and junk removal, all you have to do is call, and the junk is gone!

So contact Charlotte Junk Doctors today for all of your junk hauling needs.

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