Wooden Pen Rental-Construction Site Cleanup

For Tract Home Builders

Junk Doctors has the solution for tract home builders seeking construction site cleanup. With Junk Doctors you get a premium service that will:

  1. Keep your bins empty. Nothing looks worse than trash bins overflowing. Junk Doctors will be on your site often enough to keep your bins empty.
  2. Pick up loose trash around the job site: Our team will walk around your job site picking up loose water bottles, food wrappers, etc. This keeps your job sites clean which will make the inspectors happy, potential home buyers happy, and makes your job supervisor focused on building great buildings.
  3. Walk the street with a magnet picking up loose nails. Getting nails in your tires on a construction site is a given. Junk Doctors helps reduce that by running a magnet down the street.

Why not dumpster rental?

This part is easy. Dumpsters are large, heavy, and unless properly maintained, are unsightly.  It is not uncommon for a dumpster to damage new pavement, curbing, and landscaping. This isn’t a problem with these wooden pens. Pens are light enough that one man can move them around a job site. This means your have better placement options with a wooden pen. If a pen gets damaged it will be immediately repaired. Pens are also easier to load than dumpsters as they are shorter.

Why Junk Doctors?

We are not going to be your cheapest option. We will be about 5 cents more per square foot than our lower priced competition. But you will get what you pay for. With our slightly higher margins we are better able to make sure to do a premium job for your job site. Lee Godbold and Christian Fowler, the company owners, will be driving through the job sites often ensuring that you are getting a high level of service.

Service Area

Junk Doctors offers Construction Site Cleanup Wooden Pen Rental within a 50 mile radius of Raleigh, NC and a 50 mile radius around Charlotte, NC.

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