How Professional Concrete Removal in Charlotte NC is Done

How Professional Concrete Removal in Charlotte NC is Done by Junk Doctors

When you need to have concrete removed, you basically think that all a person needs to do to get this done is to pound at it with a sledgehammer and to pry away at it with a crowbar. In reality, there is more to concrete removal than you think. Professionals who do the concrete removal in Charlotte NC can go about doing their job in a few different ways, depending on the kind of structure and concrete that needs to be removed.

The removal of concrete is not a one-technique-fits-all kind of deal. It requires a careful scrutiny of the cement that needs to be removed to determine what technique is best used with it. Here are some of the common techniques professional concrete removers use to get rid of concrete slabs and walls:

concrete removal

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Breaking

This is the most common of all concrete removal techniques. It can be as small as a jackhammer or big like a hydraulic or pneumatic attachment on a Bobcat excavator. The choice of equipment for the job is usually determined depending on the size of the concrete slab that is to be removed. For example, if it is only a small and rather a thin slab of concrete on a person’s patio, it is likely that a jackhammer will be used. If can be an entire driveway with thick concrete that needs to be removed. A combination of this equipment may be used.

Pressurized Jets of Water

High-pressure water jets are used for some concrete deconstruction jobs to remove concrete without damaging surrounding structures. Sometimes when pneumatic and hydraulic tools are used to break down concrete, the shaking that comes with the pounding movement of these tools may damage surrounding structures. Using high-pressure water jets to remove concrete can help get rid of these slabs. It also helps eliminate the creation of cement dust. It even cleans the area of any debris in preparation for the laying of new concrete.

Pressure Bursting

This method uses chemicals that expand and crack the cement into smaller pieces. This can make it easy for the deconstruction team to remove and dispose of. It all starts with the drilling of holes in the old concrete and the insertion of the chemicals. It then expands once it is activated or exposed to the air. The expansion of these chemicals creates cracks and small pieces of concrete. That can then be removed after a few hours once the chemicals have stopped expanding.

These many different methods are used by companies that specialize in concrete removal in Charlotte NC and in other places around the US as well as in other parts of the world. The method that is chosen often depends on what the company believes to be best for the situation at hand. This is determined after an inspection of the area and the kind of cement that needs to be removed.

Other equipment that may also be used in these cement removal jobs includes backhoe loaders. Hand tools like crowbars and shovels and roll-off dumpsters that will cart the removed cement away can also be used.

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