City of Charlotte’s Cleanup Efforts After Early Storms in 2022

Early Storms in Charlotte are On the Rise

We all know the old adage about “the calm before the storm,” but it seems like this year we have skipped the calm entirely. A barrage of early storms in Charlotte has been wreaking havoc, making our lives all the more frustrating—and sometimes, all the more perilous. According to The Charlotte Observer, a recent string of intense thunderstorms knocked out electricity for thousands of customers, leaving them without power for hours.

For whatever reason, these storms don’t show any signs of stopping, either. “Tornado warnings were issued for much of the Charlotte region Thursday night as strong storms swept through Western North Carolina,” the Observer reported. “The Charlotte metro area saw a severe thunderstorm warning expire at 9:45 p.m.” On top of all of this, wind speeds are forecasted to be upwards of twenty-one miles per hour. Now there’s an alarming fact that might just blow you away.

Dealing with Storm Debris

If the wind doesn’t blow you away, it may certainly blow storm debris onto your property. One of the troubling aftereffects from any violent storm is the amount of waste it can toss around, which might leave you with a cluttered front lawn or backyard. And, of course, cleaning up your landscape can be a huge time commitment. With back-to-back storms on the way, you might even find yourself in a situation where you’re constantly removing yard debris from your property. If the dour weather doesn’t drive you crazy, then the resulting yard work might just finish the job.

Has a recent storm left you with debris that’s simply too much for you to handle? In the most extreme cases, entire trees can topple over, leaving an insurmountable obstacle taking up all your yard space. If you don’t have a chainsaw, good luck moving it out of the way.

Piles of storm debris

When jobs are too big or time consuming to handle alone, you’ll have to find help—but what options are available?

Charlotte Storm Debris Pickup Options

If you can at least get all that waste to the curb, then the city of Charlotte can take things from there. Simply take your yard waste out to the curb by six o’clock in the morning on your collection day. So long as you follow the rules and regulations, the city’s sanitation workers will take that yard waste off your hands. Just bear in mind that recent delays in Charlotte yard debris pickup may leave you with that debris longer than you were expecting.

Sometimes, even bringing your debris to the curb can be a challenge. Whether you’re a single parent that’s busy with the kids or a senior citizen that can no longer handle intense manual labor, there are options for you as well. Some organizations exist that provide lawn maintenance services free of charge to the people who need them most. One of these groups is Raising Men, a group dedicated to maintaining the yards of those who cannot maintain them for themselves.

Charlotte sanitation workers

Ineligible for charity services but still don’t want to bust your back doing the work yourself? That’s where professional junk removal companies come in. Many of these companies are happy to take on your yard debris removal project and save you from an exhausting day of labor in the blazing hot sun. In addition to the globally known junk removal franchises, Junk Doctors is also here to help you out. Our full-service professionals are always prepared to work. That way, you can handle your other responsibilities while someone else cleans up your yard.

In summary, storms may be on the rise, but you can rise to the occasion and find a solution for storm debris that works for you!

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