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The owners of Junk Doctors have created the Junk Removal Authority (JRA), soon to be available on Junk Removal is a great business to be in. Junk Removal Authority will be able to get you started. JRA will provide initial set up manuals, ongoing operations manuals, a use as you need call center, advertising/marketing support and management, a fully functional ready-to-use website, access to national contracts, and the soon to be released Junk Removal Management App (JRMA). All of this is provided in a unique structure where you simply pay for what you use. This is NOT a franchise. There is no long term commitment of royalties. There are no hard and fast rules on how YOU should run YOUR company. But there are some great resources and services available to use for your benefit to help start and/or grow your junk removal business. Few junk removal companies have been as successful as Junk Doctors in the markets they operate. During year number four of operation Junk Doctors surpassed $1 Million in revenue and in year five made close to $2 Million. If you have been looking into starting your own business and especially if you’ve been looking at investing in a junk removal franchise, call Junk Doctors and Junk Removal Authority today at 919-466-9322.

Why NOT invest in a Junk Removal Franchise?

At any given time there are around ten junk removal franchises available to purchase depending on what market you are looking to buy in. These franchises offer all of their branding, initial set up and operations, and other support services depending on the franchisor. You can get some great information and support to help you really launch your business from day one. You aren’t having to figure things out yourself. You have partnered with a company that has been there and done that (most of the time anyway) and is there to hold your hand through the process. In exchange for holding your hand you have  agreed to pay them a sizable up front fee and an ongoing royalty fee.

That is all great in the beginning, but what happens when your organization and yourself has grown to where they don’t need all that guidance and support? What happens when you have identified an additional service that pairs well with  your junk removal business but you aren’t allowed to start because it’s against your franchise agreement? At this point you get frustrated. The franchisor was a big help when you first started. But now they are draining 8-15 percent of your revenue every month. Revenue that could go to growing your business, go to a new home you want to build, a boat, a vacation, to your kids, into real estate investments, the stock markets, or simply into your pocket. And what about the missed revenue from that great idea that would pair perfectly? You can’t do that either without losing your franchises. At this point the weight of the franchisor begins to bear down on your entrepreneurial spirit. You are trapped. But, you say, what about the instant name recognition? Unless you own or manage to buy a 1-800-Got-Junk franchise there is no large national name in the junk removal business that is going to bring you instant business in your local market.

1-800-Got Junk is sold out. Not going happen unless you buy an existing franchise, of which you will pay a premium. What if there was a business out there that you could partner with for the initial set up and support and you only pay for what you use? And when you no longer need services you can cancel them? You simply use what you need and pay for what you need? And you get to have a local name which is huge for gaining new business.  That company does exist…until now! Partner with Junk Doctors and the Junk Removal Authority to start or grow your junk removal business. You can start your business with the knowledge and experience behind you that took Junk Doctors five years to obtain. Or if you have an existing business you can partner with us to get an instant bump or use some of our support services to uncover a level of freedom in your life you haven’t had since you started your business. Call 919-466-9322 to speak with one of our representatives today.

Junk Doctor - Initial Set Up

Initial Set Up

Junk Removal Authority and Junk Doctors provides manuals and assistance on getting your business set up. This program will guide you from the very beginning to opening day. Each step will be clearly laid out so you can open your business successfully.

Junk Doctor - Ongoing Operations Manuals

Ongoing Operations Manuals

JRA provides the ongoing operations manuals with suggested practices on how team members should carry out each job, how you should keep track of finances, how you should advertise and sell, how to train, discipline, and document human resources related stuff, how to budget, and more.

Junk Doctor - Ready to use Website

Ready to use Website

Have a website ready to go live within two weeks of placing an order. The site is easily replicated and can be easily customized for your logos, company color, and content. The site comes ready with online booking, pricing estimator, and is a site that has a great appearance, is quick to load, offers great info, and really shines on the fact that your company is locally owned, which is one of your biggest selling points. This website would normally cost you $15,000 to develop and take a bunch of your time to come up with content. For under $10,000 you get a ready to use site with minimal work and a proven track record within two weeks of ordering.

Junk Doctor - The Junk Removal Management App (JRMA)

The Junk Removal Management App (JRMA)

To be released in late 2018 is perhaps the premiere product for the Junk Removal Authority. JRMA will make operating you junk removal franchise tremendously easier and will ensure that your truck teams are carrying out your jobs the way you want them to be completed. The app will ensure that courtesy calls are being placed, jobs are being started on time, tools/equipment are not being left, invoices and payments are being sent correctly, and more. The app will be how you schedule jobs and track your daily schedule. It will make day to day operations a synch. JRMA should be ready for preview by late 2018 and on the market by early 19.

Junk Doctor - National Contracts

National Contracts

JRA is putting together national vendors that you can have access to. Vendors will include apartments, property management companies, national chain stores, waste management vendors, and more.

Junk Doctor - Pay as you use Call Center

Pay as you use Call Center

JRA offers a call center where we can accept as many or as little calls as you would like. If you want us to answer all your calls we’ve got you covered. We can also just answer the calls you miss, after hours calls, or holiday calls. You will simply be charged by the minute. When our friendly team answers the phone we will be answering the phone using your company name, such as, “Hello, thank you for calling YOUR NAME JUNK REMOVAL. This is Lee. How may I help you?”. This one option alone ensures you don’t miss business by missing a phone call and it assists with your work/life balance. Lee and Christian have had to answer calls hundreds of times while on vacation, eating dinner, on holidays, while asleep, or any other times when you don't want to answer your phone. If the phone rings that is a potential sale on the other end and it must be answered. We’ve got you covered.

Junk Doctor - Marketing and Sales Support

Marketing and Sales Support

JRA can manage your Ad-words and social media campaigns. We also provide marketing slicks for door hanger and other print flyers. We know what advertising works for junk removal and what doesn’t. Your social media campaigns will feature at minimum four posts a day largely about your junk removal business but also about recycling, local events in your area, and more.

The services offered here are some of the most important for the success of your junk removal business. JRA is excited to assist you with starting an extremely successful junk removal company. Simply submit the form below to receive more information on our services and pricing, and to get in touch with one of our representatives. Or you can always call 919-466-9322. We look forward to partnering with you!



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