Benefits of Yard Waste Removal

Top Reasons To Get Your Yard in Order Today

Sometimes, yards just get messy.  A storm could roll through, leaving piles of branches and debris all over the place.  Kids or dogs could leave years of toys laying around.  Leftover DIY project supplies that don’t have a home could be left outside to rot.  No one sets out to have a messy yard, but it happens.  Our team understands that and we’re here to help with our expert yard waste removal services!  Here are some of the top reasons we believe you’re better off with a clean yard.

Why You Need a Clean Yard

1. More Room for Play

When your yard is cleared of obstacles,  there’s no limit to the activities you can enjoy.  If you have kids or grand kids, this is especially true.  Kids benefit greatly from physical activity and having room to exercise both their body and their imagination.  It could be dangerous for kids to roam around a yard that’s filled with objects they could trip on or get hurt with.  It’s not just about the kids, though.  This clean space to play is great for grown-ups, too!  You can throw a football or Frisbee around with your spouse or host cookouts for your neighbors.  Bonding with others is a great way to stay in good spirits and be happier.  There’s tons of ways to utilize this space for enjoyment.

2. Less Room for Unwanted Pests

Yards filled with junk and debris could be housing tons of unwanted rodents, insects, and other creatures.  Not to mention bacteria.  The cleaner your yard is, the less likely it is that you have new neighbors living in your backyard.  If they aren’t paying rent, they shouldn’t be around!  If your yard currently has a lot of objects and debris around, there’s a good chance you have creatures hiding among the waste.  Let’s say goodbye to these fellas and hello to a clean outdoors!

3. Increased Property Value

The exterior appearance and upkeep of your home plays a big part in your home’s value.  Keep your property value high by regularly making sure your house is clean and in good condition, inside and out.  This goes for your yard, too.  A cluttered yard is a good was to instantly lose some of that value, but is also an easy fix.  You spend a lot of money to live there, so you want it to still be worth a lot of money when you leave.

4. Tons of New Hobbies

As we just mentioned, a clean yard opens a door to new activities, but it also opens a door to new hobbies.  Have you ever wanted to try your hand at landscaping?  Or grow your own vegetables?  With a cleared space, you can.  You can also set up easels to paint, read a book without being distracted by the mess around you, and more.  There’s so much you can do with a cleared yard.  Use this space to try your hand at something new!

Yard Waste Removal With Junk Doctors

Have you convinced you that it’s time to get your yard in order yet?  We hope so!  Grab a helper and start clearing your yard or, if overwhelmed or unable to do the task yourself, give our team at Junk Doctors a call.  We’d be happy to offer our full service yard waste removal to you.  Just let us know how we can help!

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