Does Your Attic Hold Hidden Wealth?

You may not be aware of it but your attic may be hiding a treasure trove of items that can make you a fortune. It might be where you will find an old coin, a comic book in its original plastic bag, or a toy from the past that is now considered a collectible. Whatever you find hiding in your attic might bring you a fortune that you never knew was there this whole time.

How do you find out if your attic has these treasures in it? The simplest way to do so is to actually go up there and search through whatever is stockpiled there. Cleaning up your attic can help you sort through the years of stuff that you piled in it. It can also help you find stuff that you can sell for a lot of money.

Stuff That Can Be Valuable in Your Attic

There are a lot of things that can are valuable in your storage space. These include first edition books, comic books, and even toys. There was this man who took it upon himself to clean the attic of his childhood home during a visit. He came upon some of his old toys as a kid and had this weird inkling that these toys could be worth a lot of money.

He researched about these toys, and wouldn’t you know it. These were actually worth thousands of dollars! Who would have thought that toys were actually first edition ones that are now collectibles? He was able to make quite a pile of money from old toys that were just put in one of the many boxes in the attic.

You too might find a treasure worth thousands in your attic by simply going through the stuff that has been stored there for years. Even if you don’t find anything that collectors will want or stuff that is valuable, like silverware or even a rare coin, the items in your attic may still be worth something. All you need to do is to go through what you have in it, clean it out, and sell the stuff that you believe people will be interested in.

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Some of the stuff that may be worth some money in your attic includes the following:

Vintage stuff 

Some people love old items and if you have vintage objects just lying around, you might be able to cash in on this. Old record players, ancient vases and jars, brand name vintage clothes, designer jewelry, and other similar items from the 50s, 60s, and 70s can fetch a good price. As long as these items are in great condition, you will find collectors who will want to pay top dollar for these.

Nostalgic items 

There are individuals who put a lot of value in nostalgia, and if you have items that remind them of their childhood, they might pay you big bucks for it. Old character lunch boxes, sports memorabilia, old toys, and even old movie posters that are in good condition can be on an auction sites to collectors and nostalgia fans everywhere.

Old paintings 

You might have stashed away a painting that was given to you by your grandmother or an aunt without knowing if it has some value or not. Who knows, that painting might be worth a tidy sum now, particularly if it is one of the lesser works of a now famous artist.

Old coins and stamps 

If one of your older family members has old coins or stamps, you might be sitting on a gold mine. Who knows those stamp books or coin collections may hold a valuable piece that can bring in thousands or even millions of dollars?

Once you have searched through your attic and have found some stuff that you believe might be worth something, you can have these appraised. You can also research the value of these items yourself. You can check online for comparable items to what you have and price these on auction sites according to what you found out.

As for the other stuff in your attic that are not as valuable, you can either sell these at a garage sale or have these picked up by a junk hauler. If you need a junk removal service in Scottsdale to help you get rid of the useless junk that you have in your attic, the company to call is Junk Removal Authority Scottsdale.

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