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Junk Doctors Lee Godbold
Company Founder Lee Godbold

We have been providing Triangle area residents with first class junk removal for the past two years. Check out a recent article on us that was in the Apex Herald!

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Do you live in a world of junk and clutter? Do you have piles of paperwork that need to be shredded, but you do not where to begin?

Two Apex residents have started a pair of companies that will help you conquer your clutter while being environmentally friendly.

Lee Godbold and Christian Fowler run Junk Doctors and Apex Shredding, two companies that help people live simpler lifestyles.

The Junk Doctors is now a full-service company that comes to your home, looks at what you have, gives you a price up front, loads your items at no extra charge no matter where they are located in your home or business, and then takes your items off to be donated, recycled, or as a last resort disposed of, Godbold said. It is a complete solution for residential and commercial clients. They simply call the Junk Doctors and watch their stuff disappear with no effort of their own.

Residential service makes up the majority of the Junk Doctors™ clients.

Some are moving out and have stuff they don’t want to go on the moving truck, Godbold said. “Others are moving in and have mounds of boxes that need to be recycled. Others yet have years of stuff that is accumulated that just needs to be gotten rid of. It doesn’t matter how big or small your items are. If a few people can lift it and fit it in the truck, the Junk Doctors will come to get it.

Godbold said the company donates some items they collect to local charities, including the Habitat for Humanity store in Cary and the Goodwill Community Foundation store in Morrisville. Company officials also donate items to Durham Rescue Mission, Habitat of Raleigh, Goodwill of Apex, Dorcas Ministries, used book stores, and the Salvation Army and more.

After donating your items we will mail you a tax-deductible receipt, Godbold said.

Apex Shredding is a new company the two young men have started.

Identity theft is a major problem and 80 percent of it comes from sources other than online, Godbold said. “The safest and most secure way to protect documents is by shredding them. Apex Shredding offers a mobile shredding service that comes to your home or business and destroys your documents on site. One hundred percent of the paper that we take in is then recycled.

Godbold said Apex Shredding not only helps protect a company or persons identity but it also helps make their lives easier.

There are many laws out there regulating different industries as to what documents have to be kept, for how long, and what to do with them after they no longer need to be kept, said Godbold. Several laws specify that companies must destroy certain types of information that could be obtained to commit identity theft. Individuals need to take the initiative to limit their risk of having their identity stolen by shredding their documents. Home or office shredders are very time-consuming. If you have a lot of data that needs to be destroyed, hiring an onsite document destruction company truly is the only way to go.

According to Godbold, the company bases its prices on volume.

We charge a volume-based rate that depends on how much space you take up in our truck. All labor is included in that price and it doesn’t matter where on your property the stuff is located, said Godbold. “We go into attics, basements, crawl spaces, in the yard, and many other places to retrieve customers items.

Godbold would encourage residents to call them for all of their removal needs.

Junk removal can be a time consuming and stressful process, Godbold said. To start with most people do not have a vehicle to haul the stuff in. And even if you have a standard size pickup truck you have to go through the effort to lug the stuff to the truck and make who knows how many trips back and forth to donation centers and landfills. We offer a much simpler solution. Our two team members will come to your location with our big yellow truck. You point to what needs to be removed and our two trained team members will quote you a price and then proceed to load all of the items. They will even sweep up at the end of the job. After leaving your location the items are sorted into items that can be donated, items that can be recycled, and items that need to be disposed of. With our large trucks and strong team we will arrive at your location and disappear in a flash. You will also be happy to know that approximately 70 percent of items are recycled or donated.

He said Apex Shredding is also a great company to meet customers needs.

On-site document destruction is tailored to meet the needs of businesses, Godbold said. Although residential clients will use our services it is mainly aimed at businesses that have large amounts of sensitive documents that need to be securely destroyed. Our mobile shred truck comes to your location and will shred the documents right in front of you. Nothing is more secure. Financial documents, medical records, credit records, and more are all regulated and required by law to be destroyed. Outsourcing that shredding can save companies up to 17 percent. We offer both a one-time purge services as well as regular, recurring service for clients that have a constant need for document shredding. One hundred percent of the paper that is shredded is then recycled at a local recycling facility.

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