5 Reasons Why Concrete Removal Should Be Left to the Experts

Removing concrete from any part of your home is something that people believe to be an easy task. What they don’t realize before they swing that sledgehammer is that there is more to concrete removal than just breaking up concrete and throwing it away. It will require some planning, the help of others, and a plan for proper disposal.

Concrete removal is not as easy a task as you might think it is. To effectively remove that old concrete patio or walkway, you need to ensure that everyone who is exposed to this task is safe. You also need to ensure that your home and its surroundings won’t fall victim to flying shrapnel.

Why Hire Professional Concrete Removal

There are many reasons why people need to have old concrete removed from their property. It may be because these make their yard look unkempt and dirty. It may also be because they are planning on renovating that part of their house.

Whatever the reason may be for the removal of old concrete, a homeowner has the option to remove it on their own or to have someone do it for them. Having a professional is better than doing such a job on your own. Here are some reasons why an expert should be hired to do this:


Breaking old concrete and hauling it away brings with it a number of safety issues. For one, when you break concrete, shards can fly and hit you or any of the people helping you. Even with safety gear such as goggles, gloves, and helmets, inexperience in such a task can open you and others up to injury. One wrong swing of your sledgehammer can cause a cement piece to fly and hit someone.


Most people believe that doing this job on their own can save them money. What they fail to realize is that in order to effectively rid their home or property of the concrete slab, they need the right equipment for it. This can include power tools like jackhammers which they have to rent and safety gear for everyone helping. This can actually cost more than when you hire a professional to do the job.


While the task may seem simple at first glance, it can actually be more complicated than you expect. The concrete slab may have steel bars embedded in them, making these more difficult to remove. These can also be thicker than you expect, which can take a lot of effort to remove. With experts doing the job for you, you won’t need to worry about any of these. Such professionals will know what to do to remove your old concrete when they survey your property.


As simple as concrete removal may seem to you, there are other things that need to be carefully considered in such a task. What if water pipes are located directly underneath the slab that needs to be removed? What if there are wires that are running underneath this old concrete? To avoid damage to other stuff, experts need to be called in. They will know what to do when they find cables, wires, or pipes underneath such slabs while effectively removing your old concrete.

Hassle Free

If you can have someone else do this task for you, why not? You can do other things while professionals get rid of this problem for you. You can spend more time with your family, take care of business, or simply relax and watch what is going on in the safety of your home. So won’t have to lift a finger to remove old concrete if you hire professionals to do this for you.

Find the Right Company to Work With

Finding the right company to help you with this job requires that you locate one with the equipment and expertise to get things done properly. You need to find a company that not only gets rid of the slab but can also dispose of it safely. For this, you will need a junk removal company that has a concrete removal service. In Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh, the company to trust with this is Junk Doctors.

We are a company that specializes in junk removal and concrete removal, with disposal services that are both environmentally sound and safe for everyone involved. You can start the process of concrete removal by simply contacting us via our contact page or by calling us at any of the numbers for the area nearest you. You can also email us at [email protected].

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