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We remove junk for homeowners and commercial clients with a quick telephone call or online appointment! Covering the entire Raleigh Triangle area, we remove general unwanted items - remove old furniture, remove appliances including hauling refrigerators, TVs, tires and more. For commercial clients, we offer apartment cleanouts and house cleanouts. We also handle general construction cleanup in Raleigh Triangle area. In short - we haul junk! Anything you don't want, we'll get rid of for you. Book Online Now. Promo codes can only be used on services over $125
Junk Doctors has many happy customers who have had their houses decluttered, and cleaned out. If you have unwanted posessions, this is the company for you. No matter what the size of the project, we can haul it all. From junky furniture to old refrigerators, broken TV's and grungy matresses, we can remove it all.

Do you have heavy items or general labor work that needs to be done around your home? Do you not have the time or the willingness to do the work yourself? Do you want to hire someone but want to ensure that you aren’t liable for damages to your property or injury to any of your workers? Then call Junk Doctors! Our guys are used to moving items throughout the home without damaging anything or hurting themselves. Our company is also fully insured for your protection. You’ll spend much less with our “operation” than you will getting a back “operation” so give us a call today so we can relieve your stress and save your back!

Let the professionals do your job and help remove your junk for you! Contact us the next time you have a junk removal project and see why we keep our customers happy!
Junk Doctors offers Garage Clean Outs and Furniture Removal Raleigh

The Benefits of Hiring a Junk Removal Company

Sorting, moving, recycling, and disposing of junk can be a long and arduous task. Some items may need to be recycled. Other items may be in good enough shape to be donated to charity. You may even need to consider … [Read More...]