What to Do with Old Appliances

In life, you have to make some frugal decisions that can earn you some extra cash. Let’s say you have some old appliances in your home that only occupy the much-needed space. There are several things you can do when you are ready to dispose them. Yes, you can trade your old appliances for cash. Here’s how.

Sell the appliance

If the old appliance is still in usable condition, then you can get someone who can pay a small amount and still use it. The amount you get for the appliance will depend on its condition and age. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Even local used appliance shops can offer you some cash in exchange for it. So think twice before throwing it away.

Donate and get a tax deduction

There are states where you can donate your old appliance and then qualify for a tax deduction. This is actually a good idea if the appliance is still in good condition. Just make sure you ask them for a receipt. You’ll need it when applying for the tax break.

Sell the appliance parts

There are certain appliances with parts that are very expensive and hard to find. Consider selling these parts in local repair shops or to individual technicians. The tricky thing when selling parts is that you may not know exactly how much you’ll get. You will need to present the parts to the buyer for appraisal before they can tell you how much it will be worth.

Sell it as scrap metal

There are so many companies that actually buy old appliances in order to use them as scrap metal. If your old appliances are in no condition to be used, consider this option. The scrap metal business has become very lucrative. You may get a good deal by selling your old appliance as junk.

Remember that nothing lasts forever – including your 20-year-old oven that cost you an arm and leg. You’ll sooner or later have to get rid of it. If for whatever reason you need to replace your home appliances, consider getting rid of the old ones. Free up the extra space for new and more efficient versions. Most importantly, try and dispose of the old appliances in a responsible manner while making some extra cash out of it.

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