Mobile Home Removal and Demolition

Junk Doctors Demolishes and Removes Mobile Homes in the Raleigh and surrounding area.
Junk Doctors Demolishes and Removes Mobile Homes in NC, SC, and VA.

Mobile Home Removal in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

Junk Doctors are the experts in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia for removal of abandoned mobile homes. There are over 100,000 abandoned mobile homes in these three states.  Abandoned mobile homes decrease your property value, detract from your property, and pose a health hazard for curious kids. They also attract crime. Contact Junk Doctors and within a few days there will be no evidence that a mobile home was ever there.

Quick Turn-a-round

Junk Doctors has a quick turn around of just a few weeks to get your appointment scheduled and your mobile home removed.

Lower cost than moving a mobile home… if yours can even be transported

There is a reason that someone chose not to take that old mobile home with them when they left. Transporting a mobile home is expensive! The average cost to transport a single wide mobile home less than 50 miles is $4,000. If you have a double wide it is closer to $7,000. That does not even include making your old trailer road worthy. Junk Doctors can remove a single wide trailer on average for much less.

Many abandoned mobile homes are in no condition to be transported. Transportation companies will not transport a mobile home that is not in condition to be transported. Axles could be bad, wheels might need to be replaced, and the mobile home itself could fly apart going down the road. Why even bother with transporting where a reputable company like Junk Doctors can provide Mobile Home Demolition and removed in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia in no time.

Service Areas

Junk Doctors demolishes and removes mobile homes in every city in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

  • Greater Raleigh Area
  • Greater Greensboro Area
  • Greater Charlotte Area
  • Greater Asheville Area
  • Greater Wilmington Area
  • Greater Myrtle Beach Area
  • Greater Fayetteville Area
  • Greater Florence SC Area
  • Greater Columbia SC Area
  • Greater Lynchburg VA Area
  • Greater Roanoke VA Area
  • Greater Blacksburg, VA Area
  • Greater Richmond VA Area
  • Greater Virginia Beach Area
Before a Demolition and Removal in Smith Mountain Lake, VA
Before a Demolition and Removal in Smith Mountain Lake, VA
After a Mobile Home Demolition and Removal in Smith Mountain Lake VA

The Process

  • Call Junk Doctors to schedule. Send them requested information.
  • Obtain a demolition permit. Some areas will require an asbestos survey before a permit can be issued.
  • Junk Doctors will arrive on site and your mobile home will disappear. Nothing of the trailer will remain. Almost all loose debris will be removed. The site will be smoothed over. Water and septic lines will be capped. It is typically a two day process.

Call to Schedule

To schedule removal of your mobile home give our office a call at 919-466-9322.

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