Why Hire a Junk Removal Company?

Unwanted junk takes many shapes, from lawn debris to early electronic equipment to plain old trash. Without warning, houses colonized by collected trash can become cramped and unlivable, leaving many homeowners asking, “Where did all of this come from?” Thankfully, junk hauling and removal companies are experts at uncluttering houses and leaving you with a likewise clutter-free mind.

Why Hire a Junk Removal Company?

Some homeowners hesitate to rid themselves of junk for sentimental reasons, but most frequently, they do not have the time and energy to–or just can not–deal with it themselves. Lee Godbold, CEO of Junk Doctors says, “The real worth for the homeowner in hiring a junk remover is the labor. It’s a lot of work.” When you factor in the time and money involved with renting a truck, loading the materials, finding a recycling center, donation center, or dump site, and paying dump fees, as well as returning the truck, it is little wonder that so many folks turn to junk removal companies. “We are a convenience business. Chances are that given enough time, enough help, and a friends pickup truck you could do it yourself. But you must ask yourself how much your time is worth. Our customers have determined that their time is worth more than the hundred or few hundred dollars they pay us to remove their items.” Godbold also notes that rubbish removal services can be lifesavers for those who aren’t able to lift and move items by themselves.

What to Anticipate

Hiring a junk removal company transforms what can be a time-consuming, costly, and strenuous ordeal into a quick and easy visit. To help make the process as smooth as possible, there are a couple of things that Godbold advocates to customers:

Get a clear picture of the junk. “If it’s your first time using a trash removal company you might not have any idea how pricing works. We have provided a pricing estimator online to help familiarize yourself with our pricing. Most customers can get pretty close to the correct figure simply by looking at our pricing estimator and picturing their junk. However it can get confusing if your items are spread throughout your home or building. If that is the case then you can think of the number of pickup loads you think it might take to move your items. Our trucks are equivalent to six pickup truck loads. Of course once we arrive on site we will provide  you with a firm, no obligation estimate, free of charge.

Know which items junk removal companies cannot take. Due to insurance and municipal restrictions, junk removers are unable to haul hazardous materials. Examples of hazardous materials include paint, motor oil, antifreeze, chemical fertilizers, etc. “Though we can’t remove those items a good, reputable junk removal company should be able to provide you with information on who can pick up or where you can drop off the hazardous materials.”

Let the business know to bring special tools or equipment, if desired. If you believe your job has some unique circumstances that the company should prepare for please let them know ahead of time. One of the most common issues is bed bugs. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation then let them haulers know before hand. Not all junk removal companies do bed bug trash removal jobs. “We do junk clean outs in bed beg infested areas. However there is a surcharge as our guys use protective suits. We also wrap large items to prevent the bugs from spreading while the item is in transport.” The surcharge covers the cost of the materials and the extra time involved in dealing with bed bugs. “Bed bug problems are becoming more and more common. We have been in business for over three years now. The first two years we had very few requests for bed bug junk clean outs and removal. Over the last several months we have probably done five or six bed bug jobs.”

Junk removal companies do all the lifting and hauling without you having to lift a finger–except, naturally, to point to which items must go. It is typically recommended that you be present for the service, and a quality firm should be able to stick to a time window. As Daniel notes, “In our marketplace, people’s time is worth so much more than their junk.”

What Happens to Your Junk?

Have you ever been crippled by guilt for needing to throw away totally usable pieces–only not usable to you? Or would you like to clear out a garage but do not understand what can be donated, recycled, or simply destined for the dump? Trash removers are pros at sorting items, and the finest businesses have partnered with the appropriate outlets to be sure that everything gets handled responsibly.

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